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  1. Look up benchmarks for specifically for the the games you play and see if the 5700 or 5700xt would be worth it. I currently have a 1080 and only like to upgrade when I can pay what I paid for my original card and get a significant boost. I went from a 780 to a 1080 and only paid about $100 more than what I originally paid for my 780. In your case, I'd probably just keep the 1080, but it's your call.
  2. It's still up to Facebook to decide the risk of allowing Nazi content on their platform.
  3. So if I'm understanding this concept correctly. If I don't want to be sued for what users post on my social media platform I have to give up my right to police my own content, leave up pretty much all posts in the name of free speech regardless of the possible impact it could have on my business or existing customers?
  4. It's still up to them on how to run their business. If they feel that certain posts are too toxic for their community then they can remove them. Every post you make on Facebook is on Facebook owned server space. It's not the same as speaking on the sidewalk in public.
  5. What if it adversely affects Facebook as a company? What if they see their revenue dropping or they fear backlash from the rest of their customers? Why do they lose control doing what's best for their own company? Facebook is not a democracy.
  6. Twitter and Facebook are still private companies. What they choose to allow still affects their business. Having the government step in also dictates how they run their business. I doubt LTT would want the government to tell them that their Community Standards needs to be revised.
  7. I'm genuinely curious many people here that are currently in favour of this bill would still be in favour if it were drafted by the Obama administration? Or does it not matter which government controls the internet?
  8. I'd have to measure to be sure but I probably sit about 10 feet away from a 65" tv and it's just fine.
  9. Been a bit on and off. I had to sell my crt TV so before then I would plug in my older consoles once in a while and would play Mario Kart Double Dash on gamecube with my kids. I might look for a hdmi upscaler to give my older consoles some new life. I sometimes play my classic Xbox once in a while for some amped 2. My 360 not so much since Xbox One has backwards compatibility. The Wii-U still gets played a fair bit in our house (my son loves Pikmin 3). I still need to get through the uncharted games so I'll hopefully start playing my ps3 again soon.
  10. What gets posted on 8chan represents 8chan in someway. It doesn't matter if it's the majority or minority, 8chan has a reputation for being a haven for sick minded. Even if Cloudflare asks them to comply, the public has already made up their mind. For the landscaper analogy, It would matter to the landscaper if they end up get getting boycotted by the rest of the community for providing services to a known Nazi. I would drop a customer if it meant preventing all my other customers from dropping me.
  11. Depends. If I was known to the community for hanging swastikas out my windows or if I was known sex offender they most certainly could drop me as a customer if they felt working for me would further damage their reputation.
  12. How new or old is your TV? I think some modern Samsung Smart TVs will let you download the Steamlink app on the TV itself.
  13. If Cloudflare thinks keeping 8chan on as a customer is bad for business, what should their process be if they want to drop a problem customer?
  14. What I have: NES SNES N64 Gamecube Wii Wii-U Switch Ps2 Ps3 Ps4 Dreamcast Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One Xbox One X Handhelds: GBA DS 3DS PSP
  15. While there's been some added inconvenience of things such as pending updates when you haven't turned your system on in a while, consoles still win overall in convenience. Just power it on and control it all with your controller. And one single storefront to deal with. Not everyone cares about playing over 60fps or having the highest settings. So for those people a console is perfect. On the topic of mods adding any benefit, that really depends on the game. But there are some really good mods out there depending on what you play. Skyrim you can pretty much throw in wh