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  1. On one of the websites suggests on here called like free coding something seems to be very good. i am staring over with it becase of how their course is, it starts with html and css and slowly pushes you to other things like Jquery and a lot others that go with html, but to get to that section I need to complet the sections in front of it and it’s good for me as it’s a refresher as it’s been awhile since I’ve written any code, i think it it goes into JS and Ruby and stuff too eventually
  2. I barley game anymore, idk just no game can grab my attention. For longer then an hour, I used to game for hours and hours and even days at a time, I played Skyrim and beat the story in one sitting multiple times. but now I’ll sit at my computer staring at my 300+ steam games and can’t find any one I want to play anymore, i got into R6 siege but after a week I no longer find it fun. even in my Nintendo switch, I played that to hell the first week and now it just sits in it case and collects dust, but I do only have two games for it so that could be it, I’m g
  3. the one the guy in a van that drives around my town offers, ive used nord in the past.
  4. website wont load at all for me, but there is a reddit post about it and peopel on thier said the address listed on the website isn ta real address and the someone get charged twice and never received an item. so id say yes
  5. where you lagging and stuff or what is the issue here? if your pc doenst need to run at 100 to run the game it wont
  6. pretty sure you can root and then get an app to delete apps that you cant delete by stock.
  7. i feel like this post should have more, maybe a parts list at least. or a little more to the body.
  8. maybe you got one with not honey? like a basic version
  9. im looking to rapidly push and pull an object that can be used to rapidly tap i guess you can call it
  10. but you have to start somewhere to learn the basics before you can move on to stuff like that, but ill definitely be using those websites after i learn
  11. im pretty sure you can change that in the settings, to have it be silent or rotate lock
  12. whatever is better for your bank account. you dont NEED a $100 or even a $40 keyboard they work the same as a $10 keyboard. but i personally think having a backlit keyboard is a must have for tying in the dark, its a luxury, its like a $10 shirt from walmart vs a $4000 gucci shirt, its still a shirt no matter what one you get but some people just have the money to be able to afford that expensive stuff if you are in the USA ill sell you an AZIO RGB with knock off blue witches for $40 plus shipping
  13. i have the silent switch on my iphone on 99% of the time. i only turn it off when apps that play music or like videos dont play audio due to it silent being on. i perfer a vibrate over a sound for a notification, i feel like its rude to have your phone go off anytime so a vibrate and only ill know its going off
  14. hmm, seems like it could be helpful as i know HTML and CSS, do you think thats a good spot to start?
  15. does anyone I know what javascript is used for? from googling all im seeing it is made to be used in a HTML script but i stuff have no idea what it does. im trying to find what launage i should start to learn