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    Guanzo got a reaction from nO_d3N1AL in Whats wrong with /r/mechanicalkeyboards   
    Reading the comments in /r/mechanicalkeyboards really makes me like this sub a lot less. So much elitism is completely unnecessary for a fun hobby. People who come to this sub asking for help aren't enthusiasts, and the wiki is extremely dense and convoluted for people who don't know anything about mechanical keyboards.
    Also they are always bashing Corsair/Razer/Logitech boards. 
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    Guanzo got a reaction from nox_ in Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S disappointed   
    Yep mechanical keyboards are %90 loud and overpriced. 
    I'll back to membrane. 
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    Guanzo got a reaction from Hatim Lokhandwala in Introducing the new Windows 11 Concept   
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    Guanzo got a reaction from JabroniBaloney in Black Ops 4 Already Dying?   
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    Guanzo reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Can train manufacturers build railways like this in nowadays?   
    Engineers would love to make them. But everyone else will say no. 
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    Guanzo reacted to Donut417 in Can train manufacturers build railways like this in nowadays?   
    We can barely fund our schools here in Michgian, Plus Detroit is the motor city. Rail is not really an option. I mean for freight it is, but not for passengers. The only rail service offered here is Amtrak, which is subsidized by the federal government. 
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    Guanzo reacted to Real_PhillBert in Can train manufacturers build railways like this in nowadays?   
    Possible? Sure.
    Practical? Not really. The tracks you'd have to build would be so much more complex and expensive that it wouldn't really make much sense. 
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    Guanzo reacted to Lady Fitzgerald in Can train manufacturers build railways like this in nowadays?   
    It can be done but there isn't a lot of new track being laid so what little new trestle construction nowadays is to replace obsolete structure.
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    Guanzo reacted to vanished in Can train manufacturers build railways like this in nowadays?   
    I'm sure they could but there are 2 very good reasons they never would:
    it would cost more.  If the train can sit on the track, the track can just be two strips on the ground.  If it has to hang from it, you need a large metal frame which is a lot more material. It would be incompatible with every existing train, and thus only usable with trains built for it.  Those trains would also not be compatible with any other track.  Considering the point of trains is to move large quantities long distances, the ability to use all existing track instead of just one small area is kind of critical
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    Guanzo reacted to TheRandomness in Can train manufacturers build railways like this in nowadays?   
    Suspended monorails are already impractical as-is, considering the type of track you have to build.
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    Guanzo reacted to vanished in Can train manufacturers build railways like this in nowadays?   
    I take it you didn't actually watch the video because you've quite substantially missed the point.  I suggest you do or this is going to continue to not make sense.
    yeah, normal track has to go over bridges and through tunnels and whatever else, but this track would also have to do those things, probably at an increased expense (though potentially only just).  What I'm mainly thinking of are the vast stretches of flat ground trains cover which for normal track is trivial to the frame that would have to be built to hold this hanging train design Frankly this isn't even worth responding to it's so far off the mark.  Like I said, watch the video.
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    Guanzo reacted to Lady Fitzgerald in Can train manufacturers build railways like this in nowadays?   
    1. Of course it would cost more but track can't always be laid on the ground due to too steep grade and hills and canyons so trestles have to be used to keep the track grade within limits (generally no more the 1.5% unless pusher locomotives are added and/or extra locomotives are added midtrain to accommodate higher grades). Railroads have been using trestles, including curved ones, for over a hundred years to bridge one high area to another to keep grades acceptable.
    2. That is ridiculous. In the U.S., only two railroad gauges have been in common use for over 100 years: Standard Gauge and Narrow Guage. Trestles can be built for any gauge. Narrow gauge can be used on a trestle built to accomodate standard gauge though that was rarely done unless the builders anticipated converting to standard gauge at a later date.
    Narrow gauge was almost exclusively used for mining railroad lines in mountainous terrain that was too expensive or impossible to accommodate the wider roadbeds and curves needed for standard gauge. Although there are still some narrow gauge lies in existance, it's rarely used anymore due to bigger and better excavating equipment and explosives that can move far more real estate to accomodate standard gauge than they used to be able to do (many of the old railroad lines were built pretty much by hand and mule power).
    Whether a trestle would be built for a new line is determined by the cost of moving enough earth and rock over rough terrain to allow laying track on the ground versus tunneling versus the cost of building a trestle to bridge low areas of a rail route. Tunneling can range from merely expensive to impossible depending on the integrity and hardness of the rock and the length of the tunnel needed.
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    Guanzo got a reaction from R001 in Why Monitor technology suck so much?   
    LG announced OLED 8K 88" inch TVs but there is still no information about OLED Monitors yet. 
    And the one announced last year from Dell never materialized. They don't talk about it anymore.
    IPS : Glow and BLB issues
    TN : Terrible colour gamut, vertical gamma shift issue and poor viewing angles
    VA : Too bright, colour quality can't be IPS and viewing angles not good
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    Guanzo reacted to PlayStation 2 in WHO LIKES DESIGN OF RTX 20 SERIES CARDS   
    Looks like a god damn gas stovetop.
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    Guanzo reacted to dizmo in Does 1060 6GB fits on 8320- 8 core CPU PC?   
    Yes it'll work fine.
    It doesn't fit on it though.
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    Guanzo reacted to Herman Mcpootis in Does 1060 6GB fits on 8320- 8 core CPU PC?   
    yes, but the CPU will likely bottleneck the 1060.
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    Guanzo reacted to MkaiL in P400S fan question   
    You know you can just check the specs on the manufacturers website right:

    Front is C in your picture, top is B and rear is A
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    Guanzo reacted to Frenky in BUDGET CPU & MOTHERBOARD FOR 200 USD   
    Yeah I'd go for what Damascus said, one hell of an upgrade from a g1840!
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    Guanzo reacted to TVwazhere in P400S TG 3rd SSD slot?   
    If you havent used both 3.5" HDD bays, you can install 2.5" SSD's in those trays as well. You'll have to use screws included with the case

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    Guanzo reacted to WoodenMarker in Fan question   
    There are 4 fan headers on the board which will work for fans with a standard fan header. 

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    Guanzo reacted to WoodenMarker in Opinions on Aorus air cpu cooler?   
    It's a slight update on the older XTC700. Despite being 158mm or 169mm tall with the plastic shroud, the heavy 955g cooler is held back by the measly 3 heatpipes. 
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    Guanzo reacted to dizmo in Opinions on Aorus air cpu cooler?   
    Does't look bad if it's cheap.
    Does it block the top PCIe lanes though?
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    Guanzo reacted to Martin Maclara in Opinions on Aorus air cpu cooler?   
    An Famous spanish reviewer [Droga Digital] As Reviewed that cooler, Is very good, an the termic past is MORE good nwn
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    Guanzo reacted to Frankenburger in My graphic card can run Fortnite?   
    Jayz recently did a video on Fortnite and what you need. It's pretty well optimized and will easily run on a Ryzen 5 iGPU, which means that your HD6850 should be able to handle it just fine as long as you don't go overboard with the settings.