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  1. I've been kind of thinking about this for a while.Does anybody know the most optimal position to place your computer tower at? If I place it on the desk next to my monitor, it just gives me fear that as I'm playing, I'll accidentally slap the tower off of the desk and break it.If I place it on the ground next to a wall, it's not going to have much room to breathe and catch more dust.Is there a better position to put your computer tower at?
  2. Should I get the Gamer X GTX 1080 TI right now ? Or should I wait and get the Asus GTX 1080 TI ROG Strix. Both of these parts are used but someone offered to give me 500$ for the Gamer X. What sucks about the Gamer is that it’s red so i am going to have to take it apart and change the color of the front thing. This is my build. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant Type Item Price CPU Intel - Core i7-8700 3.2 GHz 6-Core Processor $308.99 @ Walmart CPU Cooler RAIJI
  3. I tried Romer-G switch on local store i didn't liked it feel mushy for me.
  4. I like fps games a lot more like CS:GO, Overwatch, Pubg etc. It's good for saving space in desk for mouse.
  5. I bought Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S with Brown switches loud as hell i returned it. I tried Blackwidow TE V2 chroma with orange switches in local shop it's quiet.
  6. Cherry switches are loud Ducky etc. brands doesn't sells on amazon their official reseller doesn't knows import fees deposit cost and ridiculous shipping price.
  7. I have Deathadder Choma i bought in 2015 still works and fine. But i never tried Razer keyboards.
  8. I'm 6'1" and 270 lbs i bought AKRacing Overture chair in last year still strong no problems with it. AKRacing have %25 deals in Black Friday you should follow Akracing in instagram.
  9. Looking for a new silent gaming and typing keyboard my friend suggested Razer's new keyboard named Blackwidow Lite it's silent and compact design. Thoughts? $80
  10. Costar stabilizers are biggest problem.
  11. I'm really sad for this, JW3 deserved Hugo Weaving in movie.
  12. Hello there, I'm currently using ProLite XUB2492HSU-B1 - iiyama monitor i want to change this ugly stand. Does all vesa monitor stands fits to my monitor? Or stands are different? I liked this Alienware sexy monitor stand. I think they doesn't sell custom stands, only comes with monitor. And i saw this Pixio monitor stand looks good, currently unavailable. Anyone can suggest like monitor stands for me?
  13. Yep mechanical keyboards are %90 loud and overpriced. I'll back to membrane.
  14. I returned this keyboard in today I'm not liked it, and returned it Cherry mx Brown switch -Loud -"Tab" key issues in playing cs:go and overwatch Anyone can recommend a good keyboard for me? Quiet typing and gaming. How much good is Cherry mx Silent red and blacks?
  15. I have this problem. I can't choose between black and white setup.
  16. This is full size board. And doesn't shows to shipping and tax deposit.
  17. I want to buy CM Masterkeys Pro S with Browns on amazon. but expensive $129. k95 browns almost same price $139.
  18. Are you saying there is no quiet gaming and typing switch. I'll stick with membrane...
  19. Do you recommend Logitech Romer-G switches? I wanted to buy Logitech Pro keyboard.
  20. I heard Silent switches not good as Blue and Browns they feel like membranical. I'll try Browns if i not like it i'll return.