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  1. Corsair ML fans are always a good choice imo
  2. ehh, that usb-a port is not going to be able to provide enough power I think, the cable should be no problem though
  3. It's to old to return, and a 1080ti would be overkill imo
  4. Well I allready have the 1080, so I cant swap to the 1080 Ti
  5. I know, (and the game are probably going to the firecuda) but it's just a 'why not' thing. And since the S340 doesn't realy hide drives well, I would prefere an M.2 instead of a 3.5 inch sata. On top of that, even if the startup speed between NVMe and SATA is negligable, its still an advantage I would like to have.
  6. idk, sometimes it shows this link: https://be.pcpartpicker.com/list/wvsMJV, and sometimes this link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/wvsMJV
  7. a 350-400 watt at least, from a reputable brand( EVGA, BeQuiet, SeaSonic...) 80+ bronze
  8. Its more of a personal taste thing, I personally like genuine cherry swiches over the razer ones, but you might find the opposite true. If you lock yourself to razer switches,you have less choice of different keyboards. You're gonna be choosing the keyboard, since the difference between the switches is minor imo.
  9. It's defenitly a good suggestion, altough I would rather take the higher single core performance of the I5 over the extra cores and threads of the 1700x
  10. So I'm planning on building myself a new pc, but since this is my first build, I want to know if it is any good, here is the link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/wvsMJV Any suggestions or advice would be highly appreciated.
  11. Thanks, I already found one for 238,85 and apparently I get AC origins with it for free, thanks for the suggestion