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  1. The temp heat normally. the paste still new. I changed it like 6 month ago
  2. My Laptop : HP Pavilion Notebook 15-ab219tx - i5-5200U - NVIDIA GeForce 940M (2 GB DDR3L dedicated) - 8gb ram Basically, I was in the middle of the game. Everything runs perfectly all in a sudden the output go wrong. I have reinstall the driver, reformat window. Nothing change. * Only gameplay are affected !! ** Tasks like browser and basic tasks are not affected. Only gaming and nvdia experience program. The only game i play is LOL ( league of legend). Now I have disable the graphics card (gt940M) now I play using intel grap
  3. I have a MSI GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro laptop. Since the day I buy it, the laptop have a very serious heating issues. I have format the laptop and install the latest firmware. Even change the thermal. The laptop CPU always run at 100% (since it boot) and result in the surface around track pad is hot (fan keep run at high speed). Now I have lower the core voltage(using Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility). The temperature has warmer but the CPU still running at 20% and above (not in gaming situation). I am out of method. laptop information: i7 - 6800hq 16 RAM GTX1