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  1. Thanks, yes. I did take a look. But alot of it is techy and when it comes to all the specs or in-depth he does, i dont understand lol. As long as it looks good, and has the features then im good. xD. Oof, looks like an amazing monitor. But 1.2k$. I don't know. Kinda expensive. ** I edited my post and added a budget. xD. Is it the Gigabyte FI27Q-P 27? Also, wow. Just watched a hardware video of it. It was originally 600$. wtf. lol. On newegg its almost 600$. So nvm about the 1.3k $$. Guessing amazon is just pricing it super high.
  2. I've been searching a lot to buy a good rated/reviewed 1440p Monitor. Does anyone have any recommendations? The one I've got my eye on which I saw on a website when I googled "Top 10 1440p monitors" is the Viewsonic Elite XG270QG. Does anyone have/has heard great responses about this monitor? It basically has everything I want. 1440p Nano IPS G-Sync 144hz+ 1ms HDR (Might not make use of HDR as much, but if ima spend 500+ on a monitor. Might as well get the best I can get / has all the features etc. etc. Budget is around 500-600$.
  3. Anyone else mind helping me? I plan on replacing my Modem with xfinity in hopes that it might be a modem problem, and just has misconfigured addresses or whatever. Also hope that with a new modem, it'll have different addresses. I've also re-installed my PC. & after not doing anything. I didn't update windows, nor download any software / drivers. Just a fresh install. I restarted and it still happens. So my belief is that its a ISP / their end that is the problem :/.
  4. Thanks for the help. However, the problem still occurs. It's stuck on "Unidentified Network" for 20seconds before it finally does connect. This is as well with your solutions. To be sure im doing the static IP right. I type /ipconfig and get the IPv4, Subnet Mask, and Gateway addresses & include it inside the IPv4 adapter settings. While using a custom DNS address using googles. right? If so then it dont work :(
  5. As the title says. It started like a couple days ago. I've done all the methods I can find on the internet but too no solution. I've downgraded / upgraded my drivers. At first, when I run a speedtest i was only getting 8-9mbps out of 500. After updating driver I was able to receive the full 500+ mbps. I'm not sure if this is a hardware issue or my modem. Everything loads up before the ethernet connects & its annoying seeing all my applications giving errors because there is no internet. Only one solution I found was connecting to wifi (my mobo has a built in wifi) and that con
  6. I've recently gotten myself a LG CX 65inch TV. Mainly for PS5. However; I do have a PS4 Pro. Currently, I am attempting to play God of War on the TV to test it out etc. I've went through and did all the settings I could. Such as Enabling "HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color" , "Instant Game Response", & "AMD FreeSync Premium". I've also went ahead and kept everything at default once the tv recognized HDR content when a game was played. Now, my question is; Are there any other settings I should do? & for the help I need. Once I do put in a game to play. The "Picture Mode"
  7. I think so. But honestly, I think it was my fault, I turned it off when I was going through it all after I re-installed. But stupid how its there. Shouldn't disable your mic entirely. But meh, all that re-installing and now gotta download all my stuff again just for that simple fix xD.
  8. I re-installed windows, and updated everything. Then after I plugged in all my audio ports and such, and it didn't work. However, I found a fix and posted that. Apparently I had to allow access or w/e through privacy settings. z-z.
  9. Thanks guys for trying to help. So far, only both left and right plays sound, no idea still on the center speaker. I contacted Amazon, they refunded me and told me to keep the speakers. So, gg i guess.
  10. Nevermind, found a solution from here: https://superuser.com/questions/1291985/microphone-not-working-on-windows-10-version-1803-insider-preview
  11. Updated to the latest version, and now my microphone doesn't seem to work at all. Anyone got a fix for this? Windows and system shows it, and shows that nothing is wrong with it. But It wont let anyone hear me, or work in that sense. I tried also going to "configure" but it says "Wizard failed to start" or whatever. Any help would be nice, if anyone fixed this issue, or something.
  12. I see, lol. 1: Yify 2: VLC Player No idea on the others xD.
  13. I don't know how to get to that setting, I was there before, but downloaded drivers and now it only has dolby as the settings. z-z. But i tried it before I updated drivers, and still nothing came out. So you think it might be just the audio on the videos? not a bad speaker?
  14. So I purchased Logitech Z506 surround sound, however when I watch youtube or watched a movie the center speaker doesn't play anything. The left and right are fine and plays audio. I'm sure everything is connected, it works when I use the test in windows. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. I see, I just seen that on a youtube vid, where they would only show those 3 lol. So, if I were to get these. Do I need to buy any specific wires that would hook up to the pc or monitor? I also have a DAC/AMP type of thing called Schiit Fulla. Idk if I can use that to connect to it.