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    ONOTech reacted to IMPERIUS in Slowly...but surely...   
    Good luck. My personal goal is to finish this semester with relatively good grades. So far so good but I still have room to improove
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    ONOTech reacted to Fooshi in Release blog #1 - The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy   
    Just finished season 2 of Arrow. Love it. Will probably look into The Flash. Felicity doe <3
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    ONOTech reacted to Hazorazor in I don't fit in   
    Cool to see someone born in Nigeria. I wasn't however my cousin was born there, he lives in Australia now but my Aunt and Uncle are still there as missionaries. Quite frightening considering the hostility of the terrorists in the North Eastern corner. Even though I've been in Australia all my life I can vouch that I often feel I don't fit in but I guess that is how it is supposed to be living the life Christ wants us to live when we are not in fellowship with other Christians.
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    ONOTech got a reaction from JamesKennedy97 in Just some advice for the youngsters   
    Yeah I do, but that's besides the fact. It's the fact that they partook in illegal activities as all. I could make a blog about cops & the justice system later though and tag you if you wanted....that would be interesting lol
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    ONOTech reacted to he10393 in Just some advice for the youngsters   
    You must live in the good old US. No other country would allow armed police to enter a school and search schoolkids let alone arrest them.
    You might also be pleased to know that in the rest of the world the US justice system is usually prefixed 'obscene'.
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    ONOTech reacted to Vitalius in Is it human nature to naturally be negative? (POLL!)   
    Well, awesome discussion sparked by an interesting topic. 

    I agree with Volbet that it's not inherently negative. I believe it's inherently positive, but our society focuses so much on the negative that we naturally learn that perspective.

    This is why I listen to motivational speakers. They tend to push you to focus on the positive since that's what helped them be successful as speakers. I highly recommend listening to such things regularly. 

    Motivation (and positive thinking as well in this case) wears off. But so does bathing. If you won't stop bathing, why would you stop motivating yourself?
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    ONOTech reacted to Tech_Dreamer in Is it human nature to naturally be negative? (POLL!)   
    i'm pretty sure you got confused halfway through all of that :P
    TLDR  simple version: imo People are genuinely good no matter who they are or where they're from , BUT , Kindness & Madness go hand in hand tho (only a few would agree on this but it's proven each day) eg: a mother might & wil get violent to protect her child(situation based) but usually she's good  & calm & collected she just didn't all of a sudden switch to a serial killer mode, "it was there" , All of that means is Madness is there in everyone give enough time everyone does , but by default a person is kind & only choose to be violent or bad if he's 'missing' something (this is always the case, like missing attention from people),
    Next time you see smeone doing something bad, know that they're showing a dominating behaviour inorder to fill that missing void of respect .. Alb.Einstein brushed on this this of with a simple quote "as long as there are men, there wil always be war"
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    ONOTech reacted to Volbet in Big dreams are becoming a minor reality   
    That sounds so awesome for you. I wish you best, and I hope you get accepted into Duke.
    One question: Will you be studying at Duke aswell? or is it just playing football?
    If you are doing to study, what will you be studying? 
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    ONOTech reacted to lutewan in Big dreams are becoming a minor reality   
    good for you congrats
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    ONOTech reacted to Tech_Dreamer in Is it human nature to naturally be negative? (POLL!)   
    Alright this is going to be heck of a lot confusing & a bit problematic to explain, Problem with current theories is that our brains can only comprehend ideas from one perspective & can judge the other side without any relative dispassion when we are put in the same aspect , you can have done the same thing that was negative to you in the first place as a secondary perspective , but put on spot things are a bit different,
    Every man mad problem originated from it's emotion & emotion blinds judgment, the frame shift happens so fast but yet with such a constract , because w're emotional wer're blinded & take a primitive brain action , & the idea seems fair,
    we see the same pattern everyday between nations & between people & mass religion,
    For instance ,  we all heard of people killing each other for various reason , regardless when the social justice system steps in they give out punishments inorder to relieve those who are in pain & grief or to send a message to those who even dare to try.. but point being the secondary death we deem as fairness was the same act that the first subject initiated, but it seems fair because it shuts down the brains response for the idea of vengence or anger (both vulnerable emotional state), one's idea for a fair or possitive action is (or) might be worse than taken emotional action by the event initiator itself
    trouble is that it's been happening since BC times & only a few have realised how primitive & brutal we still are.
    Human beings are animalistic in nature (we're just well tamed for this instance)there is no honor or loyalty unless they are specifically taught to..
    it's like that Joker Quote to the mafia head (thi being that his followers will be loyal nomatter what) his response was : "Why don't i chop you up into little pieces of meat & feed you to your pooches?  & then we'll see how loyal a hungry dog really is.." - TDK
    thing is the psychopath got it right, everyone's an animal deep down inside, We're all just acting good..
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    ONOTech reacted to Volbet in Is it human nature to naturally be negative? (POLL!)   
    Before I begin to disagree with you, I just want you to know that your post made me think really hard, which is a good thing.
    First and foremost, I'm not a christian, nor religious in any sense, I'm not even spiritual in any way.
    I felt like I needed to say this, since it probably will colour the way I approach this question.
    (Disclaimer: There will be broad generalizations in this post)
    Is it human nature to naturally be negative?
    I don't think so, quite the opposite acctually. I would argue that people are inherently seeing the positive. In your own example, the reason why we don't forecast 60% change of sun, is becuase we are already expecting sun. It would be redundant to forecast sun. If we are not warned of ´negativity´(rain/cloudy), we will expect ´positivity´(sun). .
    For your football example: Humans are comfort creatures like most other higher functioning animals. We prefere to be comfortable and we only stress ourself if there is a reward in the end. In sports, it might be a sense of winning or atleast an adrenalin rush. 
    For hard physical activity, it might be the dream of a sculpted body, or again, an adrenalin rush. 
    Muscle strain, sweating and physical exhaustion isn't really comfortable for us. Even a sports guy like yourself can probably attest to that. 
    Complaining is just something that people do. It's the easiest way to accknowledge a problem, without tackling it. 
    As they say where I'm from: You jump over where the fence is lowest. Meaning that we allways take the easy way out, even if it isn't the best.
    It really doesn't have anything to do with people being negative. It just have to do with people being really lazy when it comes to solving their problems. 
    This might make no sense, and just be a big ramble, and for that I apologize. But alleast these are my thoughts.
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    ONOTech reacted to Osmium in Is it human nature to naturally be negative? (POLL!)   
    I am not sure I buy that it is necessarily human nature that we see the glass half empty rather than half full. I believe it is more of a cultural/learned behavior. I am by no means a philosopher either but I feel that a lot of what is out there now sort of teaches learned helplessness. That is is easier to complain about something you don't like rather than changing it; therefore you should just act accordingly.
         I know that does not apply to instances like your football practice but the tenancies are the same.If someone is faced with something they don't like they just complain instead of changing. So if they are faced with something they don't like and can't change (only a slightly different situation) they respond the same way.
         In summary I personally don't think humans are intrinsically negative; I just think we have learned to deal with opposition the wrong way.
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    ONOTech reacted to Tech_Dreamer in Is it human nature to naturally be negative? (POLL!)   
    Pretty good post, keep it up...
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    ONOTech reacted to flibberdipper in My friend is a transexul/transgender   
    So... Does he loose his dong and the Sherman twins and get a Grand Canyon?
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    ONOTech reacted to lutewan in I don't fit in   
    i feel yah i have not stayed at the same school for more then a year it really sucks sometimes
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    ONOTech reacted to WinNut in Was I born in the wrong generation?   
    I feel for you and I think the same way. I mean really, kids point their middle finger at teachers behind their backs.
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    ONOTech reacted to DLM_012 in Was I born in the wrong generation?   
    I was raised on traditional values so I understand what you mean about respect. I won't lie, sometimes I have to catch myself when I say things to my mom. Our generation is complete poison. What mainly gets me is the level of entitlement.
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    ONOTech reacted to Geekazoid in Was I born in the wrong generation?   
    Nice blog post mate. You sum things up pretty well :D. PM me and we can talk about this even more if you like. I've got things I want to say but I won't say them here for obvious reasons.
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    ONOTech got a reaction from Jogostar in I have big ambitions   
    Thanks! It's nice to see I have support from forum members :P
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    ONOTech got a reaction from Geekazoid in I have big ambitions   
    Thanks! It's nice to see I have support from forum members :P
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    ONOTech got a reaction from Geekazoid in I have big ambitions   
    Thank you! You made some huge switches haha, but at least you're a TV Director. That's AWESOME!! Also, staying close with God is probably my hardest goal considering the world I live in today, but now that I know I have other people to share it with, it makes it that much easier ;P
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    ONOTech reacted to SirReallySam in I have big ambitions   
    Brilliant goals! I've changed a lot since I was young too! Went from robot maker that creates robots to help old ladies cross the road to, becoming a brilliant Television Director. Which I've decided will happen btw ;)
    Also stay close to God is a goal I want to share with you :)
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    ONOTech reacted to Jogostar in I have big ambitions   
    These are pretty high goals, but still achievable.
    Don't listen to the people that say you can't make it.
    Good Luck! :)