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  1. 650W is enough. Do you have the exact PSU model number? If it's the grey CX unit then it's good enough
  2. I completely read the article incorrectly. Samsung phones are gonna use AMD for mobile GPU solutions
  3. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't AMD moving to Samsung for their GPUs and CPUs 2H 2021?
  4. Rest in peace. I can't imagine how tough that is for everyone involved. Here's the tweet for reference by the way.
  5. They didn't do this with the Pokemon games nor the Animal Crossing games. This leads me to believe two things: Nintendo recently changed how they handle DMCA takedowns Twitch's new DMCA policies are at play Or a combination of the above two. This is really odd behavior based on recent history though
  6. I heard someone give an opposing opinion that actually made a lot of sense. I still think people should some autonomy in playing ads on their videos, especially if it's sensitive content.
  7. That's fair. I could be wrong here, but I'm assuming AMD will bank on Microsoft's software team to implement some sort of DX12 solution that AMD can use. Microsoft definitely has the resources to do so. I don't think it will be nearly as good as DLSS 2.0 though
  8. Yeah specifically talking about CUDA app support. Re: Raytracing - it's not like the AMD cards are bad since RTX 2080S+ DXR performance is good; but you can get something better for the around the same price. AMD's DLSS alternative should decrease the margin though. I also stream and NVIDIA's software suite and encoder is so much better. AMD apparently does very well with H265 so if that actually gets streaming support then they have a real competitor.
  9. If the XT was $599 and the non XT $529 or something, it would be a no brainer. With current pricing, I would choose NVIDIA if stock wasn't a problem. NVIDIA just has better ray-tracing performance, better encoding, better GPU rendering, and a better software suite for streaming and content creation. AMD has competitive performance and energy consumption now; but loses definitively in everything else. For my use case, they're just not the better option
  10. Seems like NVIDIA will price the 3060 (Ti) around $400, meaning the 3050 will probably arrive at $250. I really hope I'm proven wrong, because an x50 class card for that price makes me sad I'm guessing RTX 2060 performance which would ROCK if the priced correctly. The 5600 XT already does that at $280. Maybe the 26xx or 17xx (whatever the heck NVIDIA decides) will bring value to the budget area because I'm not holding my breath for the RTX series cards to do it.
  11. Was anyone able to get a 3070?

  12. Something to note: on the 6900XT benchmark slide AMD had both Rage Mode AND Smart Access Memory enabled. It's the best case scenario for the 6900XT versus a probably stock scenario of the 3090 I'm sure we will see stock v stock performance of the two once reviews drop.
  13. It's a bit difficult to do because a) AMD is using their Ryzen 5000 CPUs for benchmarks I believe b) Some of these games don't have built-in benchmarks, and FPS can vary a lot depending on where you are in a game I'm assuming we'll get independent reviews the week of launch day
  14. I always get hype for cards I can't ever afford hehe looking forward to this one! The GPU space has not been this exciting in like half a decade
  15. I think there might be a 3070 Super refresh once NVIDIA goes to TSMC I understand what you're saying. The 2080 Ti was overpriced to the moon and now a $500 mid-range card looks like a good choice. I agree that it's scummy. Thank God for competition. If these RX cards do well, then I don't think we will see either company pulling something like that for the next round of cards. BUT - when comparing directly to the previous generation and the current market, the RTX 3070 is still a great purchase. Maybe not historically, but currently. I'm no expert but th
  16. I'm debating that, too. I'm currently on a R7 1700 @ stock (I love low thermals & low fan speed) + RTX 2060. The 2060 is honestly fine for 1440p 144Hz because I mostly play esport games in my free time; but I'd like more VRAM for editing. I'm moving over to 4k60 content and the 1700, my SATA SSD, and 2060 are getting hit hard. I'm probably going cheap 3900X + RTX 3080 or RX 6800XT. Whichever is in stock and works best for my use case.
  17. Video Reviews Written Reviews Summary NVIDIA dropped the RTX 3070 embargo and reviews have flooded my poor sub box. Specifications are below. It will be available October 29th, 2020. Specs taken from igor's Lab. 1080p / 1440p / 4K Summary (Taken from HUB) From Guru3D My thoughts Looks great! I'm glad the GPU space is getting exciting again. I just wish you could buy it, but a 2 day wait isn't bad. I'd argue it's better this way so you know exactly what you're getting. It also seems like they're trying to get ahe
  18. I'm surprised there aren't more people with this take. Why would NVIDIA sandbag such a hyped product? It's clearly hurting them and now people who wouldn't even consider AMD have cancelled their RTX 3080 and 3090 orders. A manufacturing issues makes more sense than the tin-foil hat alternative IMO. But maybe I'm being naive haha
  19. Those Timespy Extreme results for the 3080 seem low. Most of FE versions score 8800+ easily from what I've seen. TLDR leak seems sus, might be the impostor. Wait for benchmarks
  20. If I were to buy one hypothetically, how would this be cooled? Asking for a friend of course
  21. Super cool dude. What type of photography? Portrait? Landscape?
  22. Currently a student but trying full-time content creation right after I graduate this December