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  1. Agree
    r2724r16 got a reaction from Aza_ in New users quoting and replying to people...   
    Lol, maybe they should complete a very short (but mandatory) tutorial on how to quote/tag people. Just so they understand the basics. 
    I agree.
  2. Informative
    r2724r16 got a reaction from Aza_ in New users quoting and replying to people...   
    So very often, new users on this forum won't quote/tag people.
    For example: A new user asks: Is this a good gaming PC? We tell the new user if it's good or not, how to improve on the build, we ask any questions we have, etc. And when the new user tries to resond to our replies, we don't see their response and they don't get the help they want/need. And I think this happens because new users just don't know how to quote people. 
    So my suggestion is that when a new user signs up for this forum, they be shown how to quote people. So that when we try to help a new user troubleshoot or solve a problem, that we get their replies and we can respond to them.
    I want something like this to be shown to new users when they sign up:
    The LTT forum is one of the most popular and active general tech forums out there (AFAIK), and I believe that new users should be able to get answers to their questions, which'll only happen if we see their replies, which'll only happen if new users know how to quote/tag others.
    Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  3. Funny
    r2724r16 reacted to Arika S in Crypto Exchange Founder Disappears with $2 Billion   
    Good thing crypto is decentralized.... 
  4. Agree
    r2724r16 got a reaction from owwnoooo in Do Antiviruses Still Slow You Down?   
    Common Sense > Antivirus Software
    For most users anyways.
  5. Agree
    r2724r16 reacted to Chiyawa in Whats wrong with vegeterians?   
    You are just a little unlucky to come across some extremists. That's all. Sorry to hear that your dinner was interrupted.
  6. Like
    r2724r16 reacted to LinusTech in A couple floatplane questions   
    Wow good for you. I wish you the best of luck. It's an extremely competitive space, but it's still possible to innovate and make money if you've got the stuff!
  7. Funny
    r2724r16 reacted to Haru1135 in Please Help?   
    Oops wrong thread lmao
  8. Like
    r2724r16 reacted to Dillpickle23422 in I hope I could make your day, whoever redeems this.   
    So, I bought a new controller, and I already have game pass. I recieved a 14-day free trial for xbox gamepass, and as I am already a customer, I cannot redeem it :(. To whoever redeems this code, I hope you have fun playing games!! (fyi you have to be a new customer to game pass, you can't have already have it, it won't accept the code, saying you have to be a new customer).

  9. Funny
    r2724r16 reacted to TheBean in save certain posts   
    can we get a feature to save certain posts as kinda like a 'read later' type of thing? I like how reddit has a save feature so if you need to reference something in the future or show somebody something, its quick and easy to find. 
  10. Informative
    r2724r16 got a reaction from Astroflash in It's 2021 and I'm still emailing photos to myself to download them on my desktop quickly...What's a better way?   
    Try this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.appmanager&hl=en_CA&gl=US
    This guide explains how to link your Android phone and Windows PC to transfer photos easily: https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/how-to-wirelessly-transfer-photos-from-your-phone-to-a-pc
  11. Funny
    r2724r16 reacted to FakeKGB in Hmmm. good price.   
    "Sold Out"
  12. Funny
    r2724r16 reacted to Goru in Jen-Hsun is Lisa Su's uncle   
    Did you know, Jen-Hsun from Nvidia is actually Amd's Lisa Su's uncle. They're competitors and family at the same time. Maybe one told the other at a family meeting about their plans and so the other was forced to make such good GPUs.
    Source: https://babeltechreviews.com/nvidias-ceo-is-the-uncle-of-amds-ceo/
  13. Agree
    r2724r16 reacted to BuckGup in As the channel grew, it became more and more dedicated to the common denominator. (i love LTT but...)   
    LTT content choice is purely dictated by views and clickbait with sponsored content as filler.
  14. Funny
    r2724r16 reacted to Kilrah in Where to buy a 10 Gigabit Ethernet Card in Canada   
    Cards are pretty cheap, it's the switch that will bite hard.
  15. Agree
    r2724r16 reacted to Godlygamer23 in 0 post count - but 1 post clearly visible   
    Off Topic posts don't count towards post count.
  16. Funny
    r2724r16 reacted to SteveGrabowski0 in Bitcoin is breaking records again.   
    Cryptocurrency is so retarded, but this is a world where you can sell idiots a bottle of water for $1.
  17. Agree
    r2724r16 reacted to BuckGup in Bitcoin is breaking records again.   
    Sounds like you are butthurt you didn't invest lol. Crypto is here to stay
  18. Informative
    r2724r16 reacted to RollinLower in PSA: don't buy aliexpress PCI adapters.   
    So I have a little warning for all of you guys looking at these:

    I recently bought them for my rig, and I ran them on 2 RTX 2080 GPU's. They do look awesome, and they clean up the cables real nice.

    So I put my PC on standby and go to my parents in law for Christmas. About 2 hours later I get a call. The apartment is on fire!
    Basically what happened, the PC went out of sleep because a cat probably jumped on the desk or moved the mouse around a bit. The PC booted and idled for a little while.
    Then the bottom 8 pin adapter either shorted, or got so hot that the foam on the back caught fire.  
    Lo and behold, a couple minutes later the entire PC is an inferno.
    The neighbors notice, and thankfully manage to put out the fire with a powder extinguisher. Sadly the powder also destroyed all my network and server equipment in my rack. As well as all my peripherals and custom keyboards.

    The fire department managed to confirm the fire started in the bottom adapter. It's also almost completely gone, while the other 3 are still somewhat intact.

    Be careful people!
  19. Like
    r2724r16 reacted to Spotty in RIP Tyler   
    Deeply sorry for the folks at LMG who worked with Tyler and his family and friends for the terrible loss.
    Tyler didn't appear in LTT videos often but he was still known to the community as being part of the LMG team. The video featuring Tyler winning the upgrade to his PC is at almost 10 million views, placing it in the top 10 of LTT videos of all time. It's nice to see that the few times he was in videos that he was so well received by the community.
    RIP Tyler
  20. Like
    r2724r16 reacted to George Vella in RIP Tyler   
    Linus just tweeted that unfortunately we lost Tyler. Tyler was an amazing person, according to what most people said. And from what I saw on camera I agree. I'm really sorry for his loss. If there is anything the tech community can do to help his family, Im sure we'll be able to. May he rest in peace.🤍🤍
    EDIT ;
    The tweet ;
    They might do a charity stream ;
  21. Like
    r2724r16 got a reaction from venomx in Cinebench Temps   
    73 degrees Celsius is fine. No need to worry.
  22. Agree
    r2724r16 got a reaction from Adrian12 in Cinebench Temps   
    What CPU, CPU cooler, and case do you have?
    73 degrees Celsius is fine, generally speaking.
  23. Agree
    r2724r16 got a reaction from Enzo1001 in Cinebench Temps   
    What CPU, CPU cooler, and case do you have?
    73 degrees Celsius is fine, generally speaking.
  24. Agree
    r2724r16 got a reaction from Prodigy_Smit in Cinebench Temps   
    What CPU, CPU cooler, and case do you have?
    73 degrees Celsius is fine, generally speaking.
  25. Like
    r2724r16 reacted to xReqt in 570 artifacting   
    @Satyrn @r2724r16 Hey guys, I did a little more digging as well as general tests. I plugged a new monitor aka my one (this is my brothers build) and it works completely fine. I'm going to RMA the monitor as that seems to be the cause