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  1. Just make sure you have the right device selected as first boot device in your BIOS
  2. Keith W

    Boiler help

    I am guessing you are in the UK like me. You need a gas safe engineer to come out and service your boiler, by law you are not allowed to even take the cover off the boiler let alone try and service it yourself.
  3. Some members have the viewing of signatures turned off so will not see them, also people do not want to go off the thread to look at someone's specs in the posters profile or off site to a part picker list and then have to come back to the thread to post a comment. The idea of this thread is that you post your specs and your pictures in your post. Well that's my understanding anyway.
  4. Come on guys please post you specs in your post along with your pictures
  5. EDIT: Scrub that, the monitor died on me! I am not having much luck with monitors of late
  6. I have added a new monitor since I last posted my set up, a 34 inch iiyama Red Eagle G-Master, 3440x1440, 1ms 144Hz, IPS. EDIT: Scrub that, the monitor died on me! I am not having much luck with monitors of late
  7. Well the last picture I posted of a monitor I had bought didn't happen due to a mess up by Amazon, they were very apologetic and refunded me my money. So I was on the hunt for another monitor and this 34 inch bad boy turned up this morning
  8. Keith W

    Tech Stocks

    Which country are you from? US?
  9. Keith W

    Tech Stocks

    If you want some log term investments then gold is where it's at
  10. Indeed, I thought thread necrophilia was not allowed on this forum
  11. I must have been living un a rock or something but who is Madison?
  12. I like to move it - Nicola Fasano and Miami Rockets