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Fahad ALme

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  • Birthday Sep 14, 1993

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  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.8 stock cooler
  • Motherboard
    asus prime b350m-a
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz
  • GPU
    ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Dual-fan OC Edition
  • Case
    Nzxt s340 Elite white
  • Storage
    HDD blue 1TB - SSD evo 860 250gb
  • PSU
    EVGA 500 B1, 80+ BRONZE 500W Power Supply,
  • Display(s)
    LG 24gm77-B 24 inch FHD 144hz 1 ms
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Logitech G203 Prodigy RGB Wired
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Hello thinking to upgrade 1060 6gb to RX 5700 spec Ryzen 1600 OC'd to 3.8 all cores SSD : NVME PSU :: 500 Bronze is require to upgrade psu first ? EDIT : monitors 1080p 144hz + 1080p 60hz ( dual )
  2. already have rig , and profit so much for pool also this cable i show you , better for cable management my profits
  3. i know everything but i couldn't find this cable Reason to buy Mining + have 3 PCIE slot in PSU this my power , platinum 1200w https://www.newegg.com/global/kw-en/rosewill-tachyon-1200-tachyon-series-1200w/p/N82E16817182417?Item=N82E16817182417 is have 3 slot but is included this cable to x4 gpu just one and other is single So 2 of this cable will use 8 GPU and have free 1 slot i want buy like this cable
  4. Hello i need this cable please my power is platinum 80+ if matter searching but nothing This cable PSU to GPU , can plug the cables to x4 cards
  5. so for my mobo 3600 is better than 3700x , 3600 little \ short risks ?
  6. gamer + editing adobe team photoship Pp + streaming + starting coding python and HTML using Visual Studio Code tried to stream at twitch and discord same time but looks can't plus that 1600 is slow and since 2017 i think time to upgrade Edit - i see big fps 1600 vs 3600 but want more cores looks 3600 should buy
  7. they said just don't overclock it about the 7 3700x when i upgrade so they mean will work but do not OC it but my Ryzen 1600 this cpu is OC they said when you upgrade to 7 3700x do not overclock idk where the VRM temp
  8. really i asked in discord server they told me : it can run fine just don't overclock it
  9. league of legends + overwatch + wow + heartstone + dead by daylight + BFV + diablo + rocket league i guess 2060s is fine but will give me 144hz max settings ?
  10. i'll ask you same question above 2070s will have bottleneck with my 1600 and oc`d to 3.8 1080p 144hz + 1080p60 dual monitors
  11. ok if i want buy 2070super with my 1600 oc`d to 3.8 do i will have bottleneck ( dual monitor x1 1080p 144hz and 1080p 60hz )
  12. Hey i have this mobo https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-B350M-A/ and i want buy AMD RYZEN 7 3700X i know have to update bios but haven't idea about vram or whatever a simple question : do it work without problems ?
  13. i think right is fine until you try Turbo see the temp better ? if yes is fine standard Air cooler , there high-end cooler way better than stock cooler but is not mean bad i have R6 1600 with stock cooler since 2017 until now and oc`d to 3,8 all cores CPU temp or voltage are Different, there is no similarity Consider it future advice , ( whatever AMD or intel ) example i oc my cpu to 3,8 + 1,31v and other cpu can run 3,8 with 1.36 only cannot do like my voltage so that mean you have to try turbo not work ? temp not better ? try full speed yes lo
  14. Tried windows GPT for ulfi and MBR for lagency nothing work