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  1. @SolarNova Thanks for the input. I hadn't thought about it in those terms.
  2. Has anyone seen any rumors of LG providing the newer OLED panel to its other models like the Cx series? I have a TV that just crapped out and I’m trying to decide if I should wait for the newer models if they will have the brighter panel or just buy the current C1. I have tried to research is on my own but I’m not finding very much on the speculation for the 2022 modes.
  3. @DaJakerBossseems like you've got the right intuition there. fired up an ubuntu drive i had lying around and my speeds are back where they should be. I previously checked the drivers for my pc network hardware and the utility said they were up to date....maybe i need to manually update them? Solution Update: maybe this will help someone out in the future - after running through system configuration and turning things on and off found out is was a program called cFosSpeed that was the problem...ironically it’s bloatware that’s supposed to make your internet connection better....del
  4. Hi All - I just recently upgraded my home network with a new dedicated modem and new wireless router. Every other device is working as expected except for one computer that almost non existent internet speeds (below 1). This happens on both wired and wireless connections, it was working perfectly fine prior to upgrade. I’ve set the QoS setting to the highest priority and still no change and it’s not blocked in my router or metered. I have no idea what could be causing this. Maybe a BIOS update is needed?
  5. I think this is asking for a review video, its call TAP and is a wearable keyboard that the uses places on the hand over each finger, like flexible brass knuckles almost. It is supposed to allow the user to type in the air, on a table, etc.. to all of their devices. I am super skeptical of this on there is no way this works as well as they show it. Its definitely not for gaming but could be an interesting tech/gadget product to look at maybe its actually awesome. here is the link to the website to look at it further. https://www.tapwithus.com/overview/
  6. Thanks guys. It is for a NAS that is relatively small now, but it is going to get bigger probably up in the 10s of TB size.
  7. I am looking for a cloud based service that i can backup my files for my business and wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions or experience with a service. I have terabits of data so i definitely would have to be an unlimited service and with an auto backup. I have found KeepVault Pro and BackBlaze, anyone have an opinion on the two, they seem to fit the bill, but I've never used a cloud based backup before. Trying to be more diligent with my backups, 3-2-1, right.