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  1. I actually had that already set up. Also I found that I can push the workload of wallpaper engine onto the 710 by disabling the 760 then starting the application then re-enable the 760 when I do other stuff. Not sure if temporary or if it does what I want it to, I used the Nvidia GPU activity to see where it was and It was staying on the 710. I wonder if someone can make a program that can hide gpus from certain applications so that the app automatically goes to the gpu you want it to go to.
  2. I got a GTX 760 and a GT 710 in my PC and can't find any option to make the GT 710 do more tasks. I would like for the 710 to do easier work like run wallpaper engine while my 760 does gaming. Basically I don't want my 760 to do extra tasks other than the important stuff. Windows sees only the 760 as both the power saving and the performance card so I can't change that in the graphics settings. Nvidia control panel doesn't have the option I need, I've tried setting programs to use the 710 cuda and for openGL in the panel but that doesnt do anything. Both cards are working "fine", but only one
  3. Definitely looks like itll do the job. Maybe i can put the cable over and behind the gpu. Thanks.
  4. I have a MSI - H55M-E33 Micro ATX LGA 1156 Motherboard. My ssd is my boot drive. I believe my MB has Pcie 2nd gen.
  5. Yeah. I have an SSD which i would like to get more speed from. I would only be using 1 port. It won't be much, but I wont worry about it still bottlenecking my ssd since I got it some years ago. Thanks for the info
  6. I cant seem to find a certain product that fits my needs. My motherboard only has sata 2, so ive been looking for sata 3 adapters. Specifically a Pcie x1 to sata 3 adapter which is low profile. I could get a regular adapter, but I don't want my GPU's fan to get covered since it does get a bit toasty. I did see what i needed from Ebay once but have had no luck looking for new ones on Amazon or Newegg. It is about 1/3 of the full height and was a bit long. It had 2 sata3 ports which is 1 more than i need. I would rather not just use a pcie riser/ extension since that would just look silly.
  7. I agree, Im saying that there are many Generic names when searching online and on store websites where the rubber mounts are also called screws I believe it is this one. If not, then it is made by the same company, PCCOOLER. copper heatsink. the picture also shows use of the rubber mount. Mounts I need are shown here.
  8. sometimes they have the names like "Fan mounting screws". But yeah screw doesn't make sense That's the problem. Im looking for Specifically the ones that look like the one in the drawing. those will not hold my fans onto my Generic Cooler.
  9. sorry. the picture I made is of the top and side view. it has to look like it has a flat end. I cant use regular ones.
  10. I've been looking around but can't find this specific rubber screw. Anyone know the name or where to find? I used Word to make these shapes. They go into the fan then slide into the side of the cpu cooler.
  11. I've only got $36 free for my pc. I have a DIYPC DIY-G5-BK as my case (which only has one fan), a I5 760 overclocked to 3.5 ghz with a pccooler copper heatsink and a 92mm (I think) fan (which is very loud). My graphics card is a Asus GTX 650 ti boost. I get about 80 degrees on my cpu and 70 on my graphics card under load. should I get a better cpu cooler or fans? I was thinking about buying some UpHere RGB fans which would increase airflow. But also if there are better looking fans for the same price or lower ( 120mm) that come with a controller, Id like to see the
  12. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075S8PV4G/?tag=pcpapi-20 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072FDDGSH/?tag=pcpapi-20 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16835103237 i am planning to use these fans with the included controller. Since I will need a RGB splitter cable, will it affect the lighting? will it get dimmer? how much? or will the controller notice the extra fan(s) and add more power accordingly? Also, will any rgb splitter work with the RGB controller? Theres a bunch that are cheap and others very expensive.
  13. I have a usb 3.0 hub which i want to install but it covers one of the fans on my gpu. There are no other pcie 1x on my motherboard. My case fits an atx and my mb is Matx. Which riser card would be good for connecting a usb 3.0 hub below my motherboard where ill still have the space to plug things in normally?
  14. I have Windows 10 Pro. I have the latest BIOS too.
  15. MSI H55M-E33 .windows auto installs the usb host which works. after a random amount of times of my pc turning on, I suddenly cant use the ports until i delete and reinstall the same windows supplied usb host driver