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    Waukesha, WI
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    Brake Press Operator for Wisconsin Metal Parts when I'm not off to College


  • CPU
    Intel 6600k OC to 4.4 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z-170 Pro Gaming
  • RAM
    16 GB DDR4 ADATA XPG 3000Mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA Hybrid Gaming GTX 2070
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    EVGA 650 G2
  • Display(s)
    1440p 165Hz, 1080p 60Hz
  • Cooling
    120mm radiators for CPU and GPU 3 RGB case fans

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  1. If you can find an r6 in stock anywhere, that is definitely the case to go with. I've been on back order for almost two months though, so if timeliness is a serious consideration I would choose something else.
  2. If looks aren't a concern, and neither is noise, a fan would work perfectly fine. But modding can also be fun, that was the main reason I suggested it.
  3. I understand the desire to upgrade the 6600k, with all the new releases it's starting to feel a bit dated. Even though it still performs quite nicely, I've got a 6600k and I play on a 1440p monitor, unless you're looking to play at 4k resolutions you don't need to upgrade the cpu. If you're want to drop money on computer components, because it is fun to upgrade, I'd suggest a new monitor paired with a better gpu. However if you're set on upgrading specifically the CPU AMD's own graphic says it all http://www.amd.com/en/products/cpu/amd-ryzen-7-1700 Intel CPU's are still king when it comes to g
  4. Like the others have said 55 C(131 F) is a very comfortable temperature for your GPU. If you're looking to lower it increasing the overall airflow in your case might help, Modifying your case looks to be the best option for increasing airflow, just make sure what ever you do to modify it, if it will produce metal shavings, remove the components so that you don't trap any loose bits of metal near exposed pcb and cause a short. If you don't want to modify you could perhaps purchase a higher airflow fan, just make sure you get the right size. That does not look like a standard size fan m
  5. Probably a good deal, the only worry might be longevity of parts that are already a little older. That being said, you couldn't really build a better system for the price of a 1060 and $200. It's a gamble, but even if some of the components fail you could probably find used replacements to bridge the time gap until it's time to upgrade.
  6. At most, in the newer processors, it would be around a 5% reduction in speed. The problems would be far more prevalent in an older processor, something like an 6 or 7 year old 2 core would see significant issues.
  7. That's a good idea, what resolution is it? I currently have a 1440p 165hz display, and I am running a gtx 1070 and get between 60 and 80 fps on most games when they are set to are set to high.
  8. You've got a gtx 1070 and a gtx 950 running in the same system? Have you tried removing one or the other and seeing if that helps?
  9. CPU bottlenecking shouldn't really be a problem, but if you feel like you need to, I would simply upgrade to something that uses the same chipset like a i5 6600 or i7 6700 so you don't also have to replace the mobo. I've got a 6600k right now and don't plan to upgrade it for a few years at least. And it's not worth upgrading your gpu unless you've got a better monitor to pair it with. A 1060 6Gb is plenty for 1080 60hz, but if you get a higher refresh rate monitor or higher resolution then you should upgrade your gpu
  10. I argree with CapitalistVN, around 200 is a far better price point. You'll still get most of the features and a reliable board. Also Ryzen doesn't always play nicely with high clocked ram, so going slower on the ram will save you money and possibly headaches. I've got a Dell S2417DG, it shares an issue with it's big brother the S2716DG around it's power saving mode. Make sure when you first get the monitor that you take it out of power saving mode or you will have lots of problems. https://www.dell.com/community/Monitors/S2417DG-S2716DG-Power-Saving-Deep-Sleep-enabled-DP-not/m-p/5182126
  11. That's the best way to do it, some Bios' have a utility to update through your network. Never trust them with something that important
  12. Well I've got a gtx 1070 and a 165 hz 1440p display, I just played for a few minutes in Battlefield 1 with the settings on low and the fps was pasted to the ceiling at 165 with less than 80% GPU usage most of the time. So even if the 1070 was twice as good as the 970, and it's actually only about 61% better(see screenshot 177/110 is approximately 1.61), you be able to hit at least 80 fps on a 1440p display. Yes it's capable of hitting your targets but in the long run, you might want to save that money and get a better gpu once Volta comes out. Also you can usually lower display scaling to wher