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  1. Should I format my old drive as well?
  2. I'd rather not have to spend more money on a new Windows license.
  3. Thanks a lot, where do I delete the partitions from? Sorry, first time doing this.
  4. Hey. just wanted to ask a quick question: what's the best way to change the boot drive you are using? In this case I am going from a Western Digital Blue 250GB SATA M.2 to a Corsair MP600 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen4 drive, and obviously I want to boot from the faster drive. I should also state that I am going to be upgrading from a Ryzen 2600X to a (probably) Ryzen 5600 and from a Asus Prime B350-Plus to a Asus TUF X570.
  5. GPU arrived and has been installed, but the problem is persisting, same as before, motherboard is fine, but I push the power button, the cooler briefly flashes on and then nothing.
  6. Hey, I've just build a new system (AMD Ryzen 2600X), and I've tried switching it one, but it will only flash the lighting on the cooler once for a moment before switching off again. I'd like to note that there are working LEDs on the Motherboard (it's B350-Plus Prime from Asus, so it has red LEDs), and there is no graphics card in it either (I have one on the way), so I'm just wondering is this a POST error or if I should be worried?
  7. Hey, I'm looking for a cheap, value fof money mic perferably with a USB connector and a webcam metting much the same criteria (do wecams even come in anything other than USB?). My mother wants to make so more money by giving English lessons to foreign kids over Skype.
  8. Concerns that it'd go wrong or something like that.
  9. Currently looking for the best way to obtain a copy of Windows for a PC I'm building. I'm located in Ireland, but the Irish Microsoft store is out of USB drives directly from the store and the person I'm building doesn't want to chance it with a downloaded file. UK store has drives, but I've concerns about region locking. Any advice?
  10. It's for a full sized ATX motherboard, this one says micro ATX. I thought you meant full or mid tower...