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  1. You think that would be best? I do plan on upgrading to the 8700k
  2. Yea not to worried about that the guy sent me a video of it working he selling due to 1070 upgrade so I’m not to worried about it not working.
  3. But useing a 2400g with a gpu would find with itx board and I have a 250gbssd I’ll be installing I have
  4. Your saying just 2400g main using on board graphic card yea I’m in process buying a pny 1050ti for 100bucks right now
  5. I mainly will play runescape and a lil pubg on low settings
  6. Because even if I run ddr4 to save cash I’ll swap my 16gb when using the mini
  7. Yea my loop on main pc I’m talking looking for a mini itx build to carry with me when going to friends and such this is current pc
  8. Idk if this the forum I need to be on. I’m looking for a cheaper end price mini itx build or somthing to carry with me to my buddies and do some light gaming. Is there any builds you know of looking for under 500 already have a i7700k 1080 wcustom loop build for main computer. Looking at like a console size pc
  9. My Thermaltake d5 pump res combo is not pvm. It has the adjustment screw on button of bump it game front Thermaltake full speed. Should I leave it this way it’s only for cpu and a 360mm rad. My gpu will be on it’s own loop also same setup. Was wondering what speeed should I leave it at?
  10. Yes I under stand that just saving who knows company’s could of gone cheaper supply’s over time products do change I was just asking what people thought of them. No need for a spice out was just curious on them in general
  11. I know I did I only seen pervious stuff back 2012 well it’s alot far advance now adays then back then you know.
  12. Wel I just thinking to save some cash to do front of the case compressions and back of case barns to save a litte
  13. Ok yea I ended up just doing a soft tube instead of hard tubing