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  1. Going to be installing some POE cameras in my network shortly and I've got a cable question. Everything inside is Cat6, but for the outside I'm thinking of getting outdoor Cat 5e which I can find locally for much cheaper as I don't need hundreds of feet, only about 50ft per camera. Will I have any issues doing the install this way? I can get cat 6 outdoor locally as well, but it's blue instead of the darker 5e cable.
  2. Locally everything works perfectly fine. It's remotely where the issues arise. Remotely connect to OpenVPN easily. NAS and PC not connected to VPN on router, only NAS can be accessed by local 192 IP, but PC can not. PC and NAS connected to VPN and I can access through VPN IP. However only SABnzbd on PC is accessible, but sonarr and couch potato is not. Have not tried RDP yet.
  3. I've got a weird issue with my home OpenVPN server that in hoping can be figured out. Server runs on my Asus router with Merlin and I can connect without issues locally and remotely however accessing the home network works strangely. I can access my NAS using it's local 192 IP without it being connected to the VPN, but I can't access any programs on my media server Windows 10 PC using it's 192 IP, it needs to be connected to VPN then I can use the VPN IP to access only SABnzbd, but sonarr and couch potato don't work at all. So I'm looking for two answers. Why can I use local I
  4. I've got a Corsair 275Q that I would like to keep for my server PC soon to be unraid. Problem is it's only got 2 HDD bays and no 5.25" bays. Could I get a mediasonic 4 Bay hotswap that is meant to be installed in the 5.25" bays and have it outside the case with the sata and molex power cables running into the case? I'd rather then be connected to the internal sata ports rather than USB 3. Any other ideas other than getting a new case?
  5. To start, I will be switching from just a Windows 10 PC as a "server" to unraid shortly for Plex storage, VM's etc. Back in high school we mostly had those thin clients that we had to log into and everything ran off the server. I would like to do something like that for the kids to have a restricted PC. Is something like this possible with unraid in a home setup? I'm thinking it would be a VM on the server and the client PC setup so it can only log into that VM. Is there a simple os I can install onto the client for this or should I just install Ubuntu and use a remote desktop
  6. This just started today. On the home screen it would be perfectly fine and I can move around just fine. However when i go to play something from anything (plex, youtube netflix etc) the screen will flicker with random shapes and colours and often no audio and eventually restart. Tried changing HDMI cables and inputs on my receiver and the issue remained. Its over a year old and I've been using the same HDMI cable for months with no issue. Other sources on the receiver work perfectly fine. Could my shield tv be dying out or hopefully something more simple.
  7. Thinking about getting the 27" 2k curved model, specifically LC27JG52QQNXZA. Is it a good monitor? Cant find many reviews on it. Thanks.
  8. Quick update. Doom will work without issue it seems. Fallout 4 is the game I'm trying to play, but the input won't work.
  9. Hello. I'm trying to gamestream on my Shield TV, but as soon as the game launches I have no input from my mouse and keyboard. I've tried having the mouse and keyboard plugged directly into the shield and juts left in my PC. Nothing works and I'm at my wits end, every solution I've found from searching Google will not work for me. Any tips. Thanks. Keyboard is Logitech G613 and mouse is G703, works without issue plugged directly into the shipped for everything except streaming the games.
  10. Looking for a basic lapboard that I could use the Corsair MM200 extended with. I know Corsair has a lapboard with the K63 keyboard, but I'm wanting to get the Logitech G613 to go along with my G703 mouse.
  11. I don't think the app has the option to do so. I was searching trying to find that puts but didn't find anything. Is there any way I can add another network card to my system for the purpose of accessing my stuff at home while still having all other data go through the primary nic and the VPN?
  12. I use NordVPN on my server and would like to access my applications from outside the network, but I'm not able to when NordVPN is in use. If the VPN is disabled, I can access everything without issue using my No-Ip host name. No-Ip does update to the IP given by NordVPN, but I still can't connect for whatever you reason. Any solutions?
  13. Not sure if it's different now, but monster is just an overpriced brand. The actual cost of the monster products is pennies compared to the retail price at least the last time I checked. Nothing wrong with them, but the cheaper stuff usually works just as well.
  14. The i5 should be able to handle that without issue. My Plex server is an i3 and it can stream two 1080p streams without issue so I'm sure an i5 could handle 4k locally. I would recommend getting a dedicated video card for 4k, but you probably don't need a 1080 like you would for gaming. I think a 1060 would be sufficient for this purpose. Video card will give you a much better picture than on board video as well.
  15. What's everyone's opinion on Vizio TV's specifically the M series 65" 2018 edition? I've read the reviews and they are good and Vizio seems to be the best bang for the buck. However I've heard the quality control isn't always the greatest at least for previous years. I'm not buying a tv yet, but will be hopefully by the end of the year after I upgrade my sound system for Atmos and 4K shortly. I don't have the biggest budget for a TV and for that reason the Vizio is very attractive since the Rtings review of the M series is extremely close to the Samsung NU8000.