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  1. I want to run this 3070ti Fe but I have no idea what case to use. Prefer airflow over any RGB as I'm only impressing my lonely self not anyone else. Restricted on vertical space. Unless I want to put my PC on the floor which I don't( I have cats). I have never used an Fe card and the 3070ti Fe has the weird new one fan one top one bottom. I was looking at nr200, the origin chronos v2, or the Corsair crystal 280x. But I'm down for whatever. I'm not coming home from deployment for another 2 months but I doubt any amazing cases will release and be available around then. Re
  2. Yeah i figured but I still dont want to have to take the thing apart when its brand new to apply thermal paste. Its a reversed mobo and a huge pain in the booty
  3. So im really torn, I have the m17 r3 2020 and it runs decently for gaming, its just so dang hot all the time even with an undervolt+lifting the back up .That its constantly hitting high 90s(they say its fine but it freaks me out a bit). Also the thing sounds like its about to take off with those fans and they barely seem to be effecting thermals. I saw a practically new gx701 for 1900 which is 400 less than what i paid for the m17 r3 ,and im thinking about returning and getting it instead. The Alienware hits 100-150fps on destiny so performance isnt an issue. for context this laptop will
  4. Really? Could sworn I did the paper test but maybe I'm an idiot will check again tommorow after work
  5. Yeah on that msi afterburner I have tried default one and messed with another varient but not sure if there's a perfect set up to run on it.
  6. So I built my pc a few months back and wasnt really noticing how hot my 1080 was getting until I installed CAM software with my cryorig cooler. Its constantly yelling at me that im hitting 81c with my gpu. I have 2 fans intake in front, 1 exhaust on the back. Theres also the battery intaking from bottom and out the back. Im wondering if maybe I need to switch to a triple fan setup on front and switch to an aio cooler to reduce heat so my gpu can get some air out. I just dont want to ruin my 1080 as I have never owned a card this nice and I understand it can take 100c but the fans are sucking i
  7. seems like 4.6 is the sweet spot for my setup so isnt the i7 with turbo clock 4.6 anyways so wouldn't it be cooler??
  8. wow yeah I just turned that off update the bios, and hit the setting for 5ghz oc and now its runnign at 77C max with 5ghz . For the 8700 if I run the turbo clock to 4.6 will it run hotter than that?
  9. on the intel site it says that the chips only support up to ddr4 2666 is that an issue?
  10. will setting it to 3600 negatively effect anything if its rated for that?
  11. so a low overclock of only.1 makes it get that hot:( might as well just go i7 8700 then lol
  12. So I have never overclocked and opted for a k chip this build, but im thinking I should have just gone the non k i7 option:( my mother board is saying my ram is only clocking at 2133 not 3600, and my cpu is only overclocking to 3.7 ghz(heard they can easily do 5.0) ontop of all of this my cpu is running really hot like 83C on load 37 on idle in overwatch (1 intake 1 exhaust fan). I was told my cooler should have no issues doing a simple oc but im not sure whats happening? should i just return the chip and go the i7 route? sorry Im a complete beginner so I apologize if I sound like a moron.
  13. I keep reading that it only works in. Phanteks case lol
  14. Oh wow I wonder if these will look good...
  15. Need rgb case fans for my meshify c case. Want to put at least 2-3 intakes in the front wich is mesh so I'm guessing high static pressure fans and 1-2 exhaust fans. the top has a dust filter not sure if that matters and the back is opened so guessing high flow(exhaust fans)? My issue is that I don't know how to buy fans for cases and if I need a splitter etc I have an h7 cooler and an Asus z370 e Mobo. Just need them to be rgb and matching.