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  1. yh i would say it will be ok
  2. i would guess that OC is not 100% stable in RealBench, i could get 5.1ghz on my 7700K but not stable in RealBench, was stable in Aida64 and Cinnebench but not RealBench
  3. game wise i would say a 1070 is 20-50% faster
  4. or Acer Z35P but thats a TN panel i believe
  5. also there is the alienware 3440x1440 120hz but its a tn panel not an IPS like the Asus or Acer ones but it does have g-sync though aswell
  6. me having had the acer predator x34 i was running mine on a 1070 and ran it ok, most games run ultra with 60+ fps but the really demanding games would sometimes drop below the 50fps mark, dont know much about how good a 970 is vs a 1070 ?
  7. well i ran the acer predator x34 on my 1070 and it held over 70 fps 99% of the time... if you wanted more fps then drop a setting or two from ultra and it will be ok, some games are just hard to run no matter what though. I sold my Ultrawide the other day and went triple 24's instead.
  8. is it worth it ? not really, does it makes a difference ? yes g-sysnc does, comes down to if your willing to part with the extra money to get the g-sync. I had the x34a and the g-sysnc made a difference running it with a 1070. But now i would go 24 inch 1080p 144hz+ with g-sync..
  9. hdd is the issue, maybe get a cheap new one online
  10. what ssd/hdd you got ? you have more than 1 hdd ?
  11. is v-sync off in the Navida control panel ? normally says "Use the 3D application settings" ?
  12. welll seeing as your running 2 1080 ti's and if i had the money in my hand then yes i would get the g-sync version, just coz i can. Do you NEED it ? no. Can people tell the difference ? Yes i can I went from a 22 inch 1080p to an Acer Predator X34A and i could tell but thats more to do with running a single 1070 so in demanding games it would stuggle to hold 100fps but was super smooth thanks to the g-sync. Question is Do you need the money or wanna go all out on the monitors which are amazing ones by the way......
  13. well my 1070 runs most games 60+ fps so 1080-ti should do it no problem.
  14. now is not the time to buy high end Graphics Crads sincne miners started ghetting all the ti's they have gone up in price over the last month or so