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  1. Yeah, I didn't mean I wanted a DXRacer chair, because I don't have $300 to drop on it. I mean, I've seen a bunch of off-brand ones, so i didn't know if those were THAT much worse, and it doesn't even have to be a chair like that, I'm just looking for one that will give me the support I need while gaming.
  2. Was hoping for something with a Keyboard slider/holder below the actual top of the desk, but I'll keep it in mind! Thanks!
  3. This may sound really stupid, but I really need a good desk for gaming. One that's comfortable, convenient with enough top space while not being TOO big, and of course comfortable to game with/sit at. I've tried searching, but could never find a really nice combo of all those things, while still pertaining to gaming. Was wondering if anyone on here would know any good desk selections, or has a good one themselves. Looking to spend roughly $100-$200. Any suggestions are very much appreciated!!
  4. Yo! I've had my current chair for YEARS, and it's falling apart. I see all kinds of people with DxRacers, because of the back support among other things, but they're very expensive! i really want one similar to these in design and support, but not with all the added cost. I'm not exactly sure if that's possible, but I thought I'd ask. Those or any other suggestions are very much appreciated! I don't want to spend more than I have to on a good chair, but they are good investments. I want to spend roughly $100 on a good chair, and preferably one that will not destroy my back. Thanks!!
  5. Hello! I've recently build my own PC, and am wondering about thermals. What software should I use to monitor my CPU Load and temperatures? And what about the GPU? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  6. Would any 1060 suffice? An extra $10 and I can get a dual fan one so idk if that'd be worth it.
  7. Should I get a heatsink for the CPU since it isss AMD, or should I invest in a decent fan for the GPU?
  8. Alrighty. Also, does the GPU being an mini edition have any effect on performance? Usually you see modern GPU's with dual fans.
  9. This is probably a really obvious question, but I've never worked with SSD's, so where on the mobo do they go?
  10. MOBO is micro-ATX though. Would that make a difference?
  11. AB350/m Pro4 only has room for 2 RAM Dims, so if I wanted to add more in the future that would come up as an issue. Also, it only has 1 GPU slot. Do you think either of those things may come up as issues later? And a cheaper CX/M? What is that?
  12. yeah, havent decided on a case yet. You can give me some suggestions if you'd like :P. You really think it's worth downgrading everything else to get a 1060?
  13. Looking for suggestions on my build. Going to be playing games such as GTA V, Skyrim, CSGO, PubG, etc. Looking to hopefully get 60 FPS on high settings, and maybe some multitasking. Not looking to spend much more than 800 or 900 USD max on the tower itself, as I have more than that to buy. This is what I have so far, and I am VERY open to suggestions that save me some money without sacrificing power. Thanks! Build Screenshot
  14. So the 850 EVO M.2 would suffice? Or should I go with the normal SSD instead?