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    AMD A8-3850 @ 3.2GHz
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    8GB DDR3 1600MHz
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  1. My 8 year old AIO was showing its age, not being able to cool my shiny (literally, it's lapped) not at all obsolete FX 8320 at 4.2GHz anymore. So I sliced it open and shoved in the used transmission cooler from when my Volvo had an automatic. Used distilled water with a splash of coolant and a dash of water wetter. Spent 30 minutes getting all the bubbles out. The result is a max of 50c under full load, even better than that time I tried liquid metal. I know it's capable of 5.2ghz stable with ridiculous voltage but I'm gonna aim for 4.8.
  2. Bit late, I fucked everything up and reinstalled windows. New problem is it crashes whenever I try to install AMD drivers.
  3. Yeah, depending on the games. My most played game is call of duty 1.
  4. I did upgrade from 8, but regardless I hate all the spying crap that it comes with. Cortana is one shifty lookin bitch.
  5. Windows 10 is fucking retarded. I used it for a year. I get literally nothing out of the new stuff it offers and it's been way more problematic than 8.1. Plus 10 takes eons to boot.
  6. 240 turbo got totaled by dumbass Camry so now I gots me a Ferd. Turbo motor is gonna go into my 240 diesel once I buyback from insurance.
  7. Windows 8.1 x64.. I think my specs are still in my sig. Yesterday it randomly crashed and when it tries to boot normally it goes through the booting screen but before the login screen I get a bunch of vertical green lines on my main monitor and the other one is blank. Completely frozen. Safe mode works totally fine, I'm using it to write this. Tried disabling all the startup services in msconfig and nothing. Stopped all startup applications, reset BIOS, uninstalled GPU drivers, took out one GPU, reseated RAM, etc. Nothing but safe mode works. Windows startup repair doesn't do shit.
  8. Just bought my second 245. This one has less rust, a turbo, a locker, and the sloppiest shifter ever.
  9. I'm just sitting over here with my soldered AMD. If you do delid it, be really careful. Don't use a hammer like I did on an old Core 2. Ended up cracking the die in half..
  10. Mow some damn lawns. $20-30 a lawn, paid for my PC like 3 years ago. And my laptop. And my first smartphone.
  11. I usually build a small shitty city until I have enough money and progress to destroy it all and build a nice big city.
  12. Oh yeah, we also have an 04 Maxima 3.5SE 6 speed. Pretty fun car, except it tries to murder you in the snow.. It's waiting for us to put in an o2 sensor and get it emissions tested. Volvo wagons though.. I've loved these cars forever. Had to have one. Bought this back in May and I love it, even with all its holes.
  13. Snow tires are a lot of help in the winter, definitely worth the $120 I paid. Far better than my mom's FWD RAV4. Haven't been stuck yet, but I got stuck moving the RAV out of the driveway and back in so I could get my car out.. Also RWD with a stick is fun as hell.