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  1. An SSD will be much MUCH faster for load times than an HDD in games. You could look at getting a cheaper SATA SSD instead of an NVME drive.
  2. Probably not what you're looking for but how are you being charged extra for Wifi usage? That seems unlikely as datacaps are generally quite high. That said, trying to block him using technology will only encourage him to circumvent your restrictions.
  3. I've got a total of nine drives in a server running this PSU and am out of drive power connectors. It has two labelled SATA and one labelled peripherals, so with a three drive adapter I can run nine total. If I want to add extra drives, how can I pull that off without getting another PSU? Can I run more than three drives on a single connector?
  4. I would recommend using OBS Studio instead of whatever Radeon software is included.
  5. For others who are watching this thread, I have dmed @LaFemmeEnVert, but feel free to chime in with additional feedback or thoughts.
  6. Awesome, thanks so much. @LaFemmeEnVert Unfortunately, this upgrade has been delayed for now due to budget constraints. In the meantime, I will keep considering my options and will probably have more thoughts/questions regarding your above post.
  7. I'll forgo quotes to save some space: I'll make sure to skip the base Production Studio, then. This leaves me with the decision between the TV switchers and 1/ME Production Studio. Mobility isn't a factor as this will be installed at a desk and left alone. 1 DVE is plenty. Looking at the spec sheets, all three TV studios would work as would the 1 M/E Production Studio. The only thing I'm stuck on is the control panel itself. Assuming I get one of the two higher end TV studios, the panel is built in. It sounds like you're saying that for a smaller production
  8. Hopefully that holds true. I plan to stream 1080p in any case, it's just a question of whether I push 4k out to screens in the narthex, conference rooms, etc. I expect that will be over NDI but that's not entirely my decision. OBS can take care of downscaling the stream to 1080p in that case. In what areas are the TV Studio Pro 4k lacking compared to the 1 M/E version? Do you prefer the built in controls of the TV studio Pro 4k to the 1 M/E Advanced Panel or vice versa? I originally considered the non me Production Studio but it lacks the ability to do DV
  9. I was looking at getting a few adapters if I opt for the 4k version. There won't be any HDCP content but the possible issues with HDMI to SDI conversion are concerning. I'm considering using a Decklink on the ProPresenter machine instead of HDMI outputs, which would solve the HDMI to SDI problem. Going that route would require only one adapter for one of the HDMI cameras with the intention of only purchasing SDI cameras in the future. I will definitely go this route if 4k isn't necessary. I still have a few people to talk to regarding budgeting, whether we want to go 4k or not,
  10. I'm probably going to go with the 1 M/E version of the Production Studio 4k since the base model doesn't have any DVE effects. I will be able to input the same resolution and framerate to each, so the reformat limitation is fine. You are referring to the SDI/HDMI program outputs, correct? Meaning I could run the outputs to separate devices or locations, for example. The upgrade path of the separate panel is appealing to me. The panel also appears to have better controls compared to the Television Studio options (dedicated LCD labels for each button, etc.). Assumin
  11. I'm looking to purchase a video switcher for producing services at my church. I've narrowed my search to a few models but am torn between a combined switcher/control panel or buying a separate control panel. Software control isn't an option. The cheapest option that meets my needs is the ATEM Television Studio Pro HD, but the controls don't look as good as the dedicated panels. Alternatively, I could purchase the ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel (with physical camera controls), which I could pair with either the ATEM Television Studio HD or ATEM Production Studio 4K. The latter option is sig
  12. Sorry, my bad, I thought I explained in the original post. Ok, that explains it. I will test later this evening. Thanks, moving to a different slot fixed the issue! All three cards worked!
  13. The intensity pro is x1 physicially, the pro 4k is x4 actually
  14. Which card are you referring to? The pro 4k in the bottom slot is working fine at whatever it's running at, and I tested the standard intensity pro in a different system that only has pcie 2.0 slots, and it worked fine at x1.
  15. yeah, the two pro 4k cards currently are working fine (tested in obs), although I would note that the 3.0 x4 requirement exists because the cards are capable of 4k input. I have been using 1080p59.94 at most, so I doubt I need a full 3.0 at 4 lanes. My hope is that I could fit another 1080p30 input from the Intensity Pro and not run into bandwidth limits. Bandwidth aside, it's odd that the last card doesn't even show up.
  16. I looked at that chart and there weren't any immediate red flags. Currently all of my x16 slots are filled with the two x4 capture cards and the graphics card, so my only option is to swap the x1 capture card into the top slot. The other x1 slot is covered by the graphics card. The *1 says this, though: *1 PCIe x16_3 slot shares bandwidth with PCIe x1_2 and PCIe x1_3.
  17. The computer is dedicated to streaming with a camera on each capture card, and I'm hoping to add a third input from a different PC, hence the third card.
  18. I have an Asus B450-F in a computer I use for streaming. I currently have a GTX 1660 Super, an M.2 ssd, and two Intensity Pro 4k capture cards installed. I added a third capture card today, this time a x1 Intensity Pro, but it was not detected by the drivers or in the device manager. I have tested the Intensity Pro card on its own and confirmed that it is working. Am I using too many Pcie devices? Counting the SSD, I'm using a total of five.
  19. You can create a Linux VM on the freenas box and then open the appropriate port on the router. I would recommend using wireguard with the pivpn installer, I switched from OpenVPN and have been very happy with it Once you have the VPN connection established, you should be able to access your SMB shares. https://www.pivpn.io/
  20. I was primarily speaking of initial install count as I've done quite a few PC builds. I've rarely reinstalled windows to fix problems, but it's the first thing I do if I ever buy an OEM machine. I'm opting not to do a reinstall in this case because I don't have physical access to my friend's computer as she is living in a different country.
  21. Maybe, but I've reinstalled windows several times on laptops and never missed any of the associated software. In this case, the reinstall is probably overkill to begin with. I've installed and reinstalled windows more times than I can count but rarely on laptops, hence my question.
  22. The install is to remove bloatware that came from the factory, so it's not pointless imo.
  23. Going with a VPS may over complicate things. I will be passing this on to others and need it to be managed with a control panel.