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  1. Hey, does anybody know if £499 is a good price for a 5900x? Uk prices a few days ago were around £630, not sure if I buy now to secure one or wait a week more to see if it drops anymore? (Most places seem to have stayed at around £559-£589) Even though the msrp is $549 I’m fairly certain that it’s never a direct translation from US dollar to the currency of the country since a lot of msrps seem to just change the currency sign instead of converting it. (Hope this makes sense xD) Thanks for the help, Stay safe, Lex
  2. Figured that was the case xD, thanks for your help
  3. yh, tried an awful lot of them too xD, most are either expired or are for specific order types
  4. Hey, About to put a rather large purchase through and was wondering if anybody knows of any vouchers that work on their site? Thanks for the help, Stay safe, Lex.
  5. Not much taller no, perhaps a mm or two, so I guess i'm all good xD. Paranoid that ill short the board and the rest of the components. Just about managed to get a 2060 two weeks back for £366 and need this pc for for my courses in September. Plus I spent the last of my money so I don't have any re runs xD Thanks for the help
  6. Good to hear, tbh im terrified of shorting the system and killing all my parts
  7. I didn't take great photos tbh, here are some more, couldnt find a ruler to measure them but they seem to be a bit smaller than a single gold pin on an iphone cable.
  8. Ah ok, was worried it may touch the mobo tray in the case, but I guess the standoffs have enough depth to negate that. First time builder so I want to make sure i'm not overlooking anything xD and since I haven't actually held a mobo I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be that sharp / pointy xD
  9. Hey, I'm not sure if the solder on the back of my asus b550-e mobo is abnormally sharp / pointy or not? It's probably normal, but, as a first time builder I'm taking extra precautions since I really can't replace these parts atm. Thanks for the help, Stay safe, Lex
  10. Great! I looked at a couple videos (different mobos) and the top slot seems to have enough space but only by a few mm. If i added the chromax white NH-HC4 heatsink covers do you think it will infringe on the graphics card in the stop slot?
  11. Hey, I bought the asus b550-e mobo recently and am looking to buy a nhd15 or nhd15/s for a 5900x however I am wondering if there is enough clearance for me to be able to use the top pcie slot? Has anybody had any experience or know of any videos / images that show this mobo and cooler together? Thanks for the help, Stay safe, Lex.
  12. Hey, finally received my temp graphics card and am buying the board etc now. I’m still not 100% sure on the b550-e but I need front usb c, WiFi and good vrms for a 5900x oc. The board rn is £199. Are there any problems with the board or known issues? Also is this the best board considering a budget of £200 (£250 tops)? thanks for the help, sorry for the somewhat similar posts, I want to get this right xD, Lex.
  13. Great! Just realised I listed the wrong fans, I'm getting the QL120s, would they also work?