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    Nicolai got a reaction from Damascus in New Build in Spring. Motherboard now?   
    Funny, I was looking at that specifically.
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    Nicolai got a reaction from ZetZet in Phone for Navigation   
    Never heard of it. Most of the phones suggested are not available in Finland.
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    Nicolai got a reaction from d3sl91 in What LED for mainly black components?   
    I just remembered I had the IKEA RGB LED strip lying around. I think it's good enough not to buy another light. It's a tad too bright still, but looks pretty neat. I essentially ran the strip from the bottom of the case (there was a little horizontal hole out) and it goes directly to my wall socket. Everytime I want to move the PC I just disconnect the strip from outside the case. I don't move it that much. I also have a controller for the strip. Here are some pictures what can be achieved with the IKEA strip if anyone is curious:
    @d3sl91 @Toddwjp