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  1. Here's a peculiar problem. Everything worked fine until I did a fresh install of Windows 10. Now, games specifically, and some selected software applications take 1-3 minutes to launch. I originally installed nvidia studio drivers, but reverted back to game ready drivers which seemed to fix the problem, but now it's back for no reason. I tried to close all applications from the task manager, but it seemed to have made no difference. Apart from games and some software launching forever, once they load, it's fine. The M.2 is not overheating, nor is any other component. It seems like a software i
  2. Like it says in the title. When I set my hz to 144, all text becomes blurry and somewhat distorted. Setting hz to 120 fixes it completely. Cleartype has no real effect with 144hz. Is this supposed to happen? I'm running with GTX970, but will upgrade to 1080ti soon. The text has "rainbowy", blurry edges when set to 144hz.
  3. Win10 64bit Samsung SSD EVO860 1Tb Asus Maximus X Hero, latest bios. Suddenly, these problems have risen on this specific drive (my secondary): - Steam games will partly break, and Steam needs to install them again. Which it does in a few minutes. - Windows Store Games will break, and I need to reinstall them fully. They lie in this drive, and Store says the drive became unplugged and tells me not to use an external drive (I'm not). After reinstalling the game, it works for a moment again. - I can't save files through Photoshop normally anymore. Saving on top of the old
  4. so I overclocked my setup with this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoUtA7DKXhU, but knowing pretty much nothing about these things, all is working fine and all, but my cpu is now running almost at max core clock even in idle. which of the uefi settings controls that? Can I have the CPU clock down on idle somehow?
  5. New build and a fresh install of WIN10: - I can't make any changes inside Program Files. I can install programs though. - I can't open Office unless I run them as admin. - I can't add or edit registry keys. Trying to take ownership in regedit results in 'access is denied'. - I can't open screen saver settings, no permissions. I'm logged in as admin for all of these. What's up? I tried sfc scannow, and DISM. They didn't find problems. I did lose power at the very first wupdate, while it told me not to cut power.
  6. Looks like if I take the LED strip OUTSIDE of the case, the noise stops. It's magnetic. Is this the problem?
  7. I'm using Aura to control both. Should probably try Corsair Link?
  8. Here's my symptoms: - if RGB is enabled on RAM and my LED strip, there is a very high pitched noise coming from the RAM area (tested with a toilet paper roll and listened). - If set to breathing effects, the noise comes on with the lights, and goes off without them. - If I disable lights on the RAM, but keep the LED light on, the noise goes away. If I disable the lights on the LED but keep the lights on the RAM, the noise is quieter. - When the RGB elements have been off for awhile, the noise can pick up and start, then go away, then start, but activating the LED's m
  9. I noticed the R4 only has one vertical bracket but the R6 has two. So I probably can't change them all as those seem to be shorter.
  10. Can someone who owns both of these cases, check if the pci brackets from the r4 are the exact same as the R6 and if they can be swapped between them. Thanks!
  11. I have a chance to get a free motherboard (up to 150€) but only if I order it during January. If I'm going for an Intel build for my new render/gaming PC, will the motherboard become obsolete by new tech in 4-6 months from now? Are there any major game changers coming that would make it wiser to wait till spring and just get all the parts at the same time?
  12. It also takes Task Manager to open for like 2 minutes..
  13. Isn't running out of RAM. I can't seem to find the Vcore value in HWinfo. Checked again, the Sensors listing doesn't have it.
  14. Is my CPU voltage normal? During idle VID is around 0.7 V and gaming 1.05V?