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  1. some users before you answered on it these last hours no ? if you are not agree to see old threads, ask to the admin here to autolock old threads. some forums do this. it is their choice.
  2. of course i do not let uncrypted important stuff on this kind of storage but it is a good alternative for low priorities things.
  3. proof is no ? ^^ FYI the main text is the best information about this subject i have seen since 1 week on web searches.
  4. Only 4/5 filehosters was unlimited before, well-known was MEDIAFIRE which change his mind in 2011 or 2012 i'm sure some ppl upload their """holidays videos""" 24/7 ^^ 99,95% will not use the TB now... moore law will change this in a decade of course whole idea is on http://www.powweb.com/legal/legal_unlimited.bml?type=details
  5. tks for this article... the war seems only to be on the beginning tfolder, yunio, weiyun, yupan, 115 are ok for me. a new link: http://www.kuaipan.cn/2t ok on android. first step is strange (a merge with a tencent account ???). i earnt 512 GB. a spyware to send SMS is on the app ? sic ! for baidu, my e-mail/password does not works on the android app for kanbox, i actually earn 600 GB... i got 660 GB thanks to the app, other steps to earn 10TB was too strange i can say hello to the 2 or 3 people who cut and paste the original text