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  1. How can I check this? The socket from both the i5 and the i7 are the same so I assumed it's just a cpu swap.
  2. I would like to upgrade my gaming pc, I do nothing else on my pc then games. I have an i5-7400 and a GTX 1080 Graphics card, my GPU is in games always stuck at around 40% / 50% and my CPU is hitting a consisted 100% in almost all games. Now I can buy a used i7-6700K for €90,- or less and it is better than my i5. But I'm not shure if it will be enough for the 1080 or for future upgrades. Can anybody help confirm if it will be so it does not bottleneck my GPU anymore? By forward thanks for your replay CPU Compare: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/compare.html?productIds=97
  3. So does where can I upgrade it to? Can someone make a list?
  4. I have the Intel Core i5-7400 Boxed and wanted to upgrade it. I'am not shure if its possible to upgrade to the procecor I want (Intel Core i7-9700K Boxed). They both have the same socket. https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/compare/699807;1236457/ (PC Specifications in signature)
  5. The screen looks normal after just hit callibrate. Butt after I rebooted my laptop its just yellow again...
  6. It was always normal until I turned nightlamp on for just one time
  7. My laptop screen is always yellow, I tried turning off nightlamp on and off again. And the windows problem solver. Nothing seems to help. Can someone help, its realy anoying. Sorry for the bad English, its not my main language. Picture of the yellow screen bellow
  8. So i recently bought a pc. I use the Displayport on my GPU (NVidea GTX 1080 8gb) for the main screen. But i have a second monitor now and that is VGA, and my motherboard VGA turned of by default. I know how to enable it in the BIOS but my question is, does it harm my GPU or PC performance? Or are there other consequences? (This is the pc)
  9. Doesn't work because my Bluetooth disappeared and is nowere to find
  10. So i was playing Rocket League with my PS4 controller on my laptop and then my controller suddenly disconnected. Bluetooth was tottaly gone on my laptop. I followed a few YouTube tutorials and it did't help. I also installed a few intel drivers and that also don't work. And then i thought i ask it here by the smart people. (Don't mind my English! I'am from the Netherlands)
  11. I have a Asus laptop (N71vn). Windows 10 is installed on it. Now I want to duel booth it with SteamOS. I wanna now if this is possible and how to do this? And do I really need 200gb for the installation? And ferry important, I don't want to format my laptop. Someone help
  12. I have a Canon printer (MG 6850) and he won't connect to the Laptop (Asus). They are bote on the same network but won't find each other. The software is already installed. Can someone explain this?