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  1. Thanks all I sincerely appreciate the feedback! I decided on a Pentium CPU instead of a Core i3 or i5 for two reasons: 1. I was overly cautious about the total cost coming in well below the budget cap; and 2. since it's my very first PC build ever I figured buying lower-end parts would keep the risk low (i.e. replacing a Pentium less painful to my wallet than replacing an i5 if I make a mistake or damage something) As for the motherboard, I probably could have gone even lower on the price point, but I knew I wanted ASUS for their reputation and reliability, and I knew I
  2. First thread, first post, first attempt at building my own PC, oh the excitement! Been a fan of LTT, TechQuickie, and other associated YouTube vids for about 8 months or so and after watching and rewatching some great custom build videos finally worked up the courage to start planning my very own custom PC build. After doing what felt like endless research on PCPartsPicker, NewEgg, MicroCenter, and Amazon, I've selected the components below for my build; any helpful guidance or feedback from more seasoned veterans of custom PC building is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi I'm new here, big fan of the YouTube channel and looking forward to learning from everyone I'm an IT Project Manager in Boston and I joined the forum because I have an interest in building my own machines for my home. LTT and TechQuickie on YouTube have been great resources for me as I just begin to scratch the surface on research, so I'm excited to join the community and learn as much as I possibly can!