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  1. Hey thanks a bunch to both of you and the rest on here, but what are either of your two opinions on how the 390 or 390X would fare in a few years? Because they are just new drivers to an already year old card. Also, what are your opinions on the price to performance of the R9 Fury?
  2. I have an AMD FX 8350 at stock settings along with a 8gb of ram. Thanks for the input everybody, but how do you think these cards will fare individually over the next few years?
  3. Hey guys (*this is Austin*), I really need some help deciding which graphics card to buy for an old AMD rig I want to update. I don't necessarily have a true budget for the card, but I am looking to get the best price to performance ratio I can get from a higher tier card. I also want my card to last a few years maxing most games (especially keeping in mind their driver support and developer support, i.e. nvidia lately) as my 1080p monitor life dies out. I'm open to suggestions, even cards like the new R9 Fury.
  4. Hey thanks for the replies everyone, I think I'm leaning towards the K70. Don't have a need for the macros now, and can always get an extension later if it's that important. Anyone have an idea on the retail or release date of the K95 based on the 70?
  5. Hey everyone, I really need some help deciding on my next keyboard. I know I am either going with the K70 or K95 RGB, but aside from the macro keys (which I've never found myself needing) can someone explain the major differences between them for me? I don't know if I should buy a K70 before they sell out or wait for the K95, with a release date unknown.
  6. Will do, hopefully the end of this month early next month.
  7. I think I will go with the ROG board. I am hopefully going to order this build at the end of the month, and will see how it goes. In the event anything goes wrong, I will go running towards the MSI boards, as I know they make quality ones. Thanks for the help everyone.
  8. Hey, what do you think between the that Big Bang MSI board and these: http://www.amazon.com/Asus-Rampage-IV-Edition-Motherboard/dp/B00GIZ3APS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393714218&sr=8-1&keywords=rampage+iv+black+edition http://www.amazon.com/EVGA-IvyBridge-E-Quad-Channel-Motherboard-150-SE-E789-KR/dp/B00EP7B8KA/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1393714218&sr=8-5&keywords=rampage+iv+black+edition
  9. Yes, the ram is the only necessary thing to match him on, and why not utilize a board's full potential. And while cost is not a primary concern, I don't feel like paying a whole lot more for a processor that's not a whole lot better for my uses.
  10. I will be honest, it's essentially just so I can match my friend.
  11. If I was to go with ASUS, I would pick this. However, the amount of complaints their previous versions of this board and my own experience with ASUS is deterring me heavily.
  12. Hey guys, can anyone tell me the best X79 motherboard for the i7 4820K? If possible, I would like to stay away from ASUS, as I have had numerous problems with their boards for previous AMD builds, and they are the most problematic with intel as well (from reviews I have read). Price is not a concern, and I will be using system as follows: -SLI 780 Ti -64GB G Skill Ripjaws -I7 4820k -Antec Twelve Hundred V3 Black Steel Full Tower ATX Case
  13. Thank you, but I was leaning towards more recent games like BF4, Crysis 3, Metro Last Light or BioShock Infinite and wanted to stay away from youtube, why I came here. Furthermore, what do you guys think I should get in terms of a motherboard to OC both my CPU and GPUs?