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    Hanksy reacted to Zambonie in Look what my 2 year old cousin found..   
    My family is down here from up north, with my baby cousin.
    He went roaming around the house, and brought me a CPU. Out of no where. I don't know where it was, or that I even had one lying around..
    For sure I know its a AMD CPU, I just don't know what it exactly is.



    Ofc, it was my 2 yo cousin who was playing with it, so he bent the pins.


    As you can see, it has bent pins ( ): ) and it has some dry thermal paste left on it.
    I'll go ahead and get some materials to clean off the thermal paste, if I have any.
    Though, I'm wondering if anyone might know what model it exactly is, from the look of it.
    Its before 2010, as you can see "Copyright 200? AMD"
    Anyway, I just thought it was funny for my cousin to find a CPU lying around, that I didn't know about.
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    Hanksy reacted to Bluejay0 in Intel is losing billions   
    wut evr men itz still cool 
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    Hanksy reacted to Tmh85 in First Time PC Building Experiences   
    putting on the cpu on and thinking holy crap I think I might have just bent a pin...
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    Hanksy reacted to WildTurtle in Who has the best pc that you know?   
    You can just stop, your story falls apart.
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    Hanksy reacted to JLCitadel in Ancient Parents   
    Well, when I see my dad use a phone it's like watching a monkey shove a banana up his arse. & it's whatever
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    Hanksy got a reaction from windss in best headphones for around $150aud   
    I went the hd280 thanks for your help everyone
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    Hanksy reacted to windss in best headphones for around $150aud   
    I'd go for HD280 for rock.. personal preference
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    Hanksy reacted to I97Computers in best use for an apple   
    i have fount the best way to use a mac

    there is no better way than this.
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    Hanksy reacted to jg917_ in E3:   
    Time to get some popcorn to watch the live funeral of the xbox.
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    Hanksy reacted to Puneetasouras in Apple avoids billions in taxes   
    This is why i hate apple
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    Hanksy reacted to Calavera in Reasons why the internet is awesome   
    Being able to watch a crappy YouTube video in 480P after letting it buffer for a few minutes, to then download a 15GB game within 3 weeks without being able to game because it would lower the downloading speed - I LOVE THE INTERNET!
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    Hanksy got a reaction from TicTac in Question for the Australians.   
    I think you watch too much tv. I live in Australia and rarely see spiders and the heat is awesome
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    Hanksy got a reaction from Dragon_Cannon in Maximus Formula V No Post   
    I have the same motherboard and it should post you a error code which you can look up in the manual