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  1. Thank you. I prefer a full sized keyboard. I prefer the cherry's because I had cherry blue mech keyboards in office prior to lockdown , and it was too loud. I checked the recent ones reviewed on linus tech tips and preferred the sound of browns as it was suited for typing and gaming as well as a combo. I have had membrane boards, mecha membrane as well which I borrowed to test for a few weeks from a friend and none seemed better than mech kb. I am not sure about the kailh and logitech romer G.Wasn't able to figure out if they were mecha membrane, rubber dome , or mx. Hence , wanted to go f
  2. I have 5 criteria For the next keyboard in purchasing 1.Pure mechanical keyboard 2. Cherry mx brown switches I love the tactile browns 3. USB passthrough (very imp for my office laptop that has limited usb ports ) 4. Wired. 5. RGB Please recommend me some. Usage: Office typing and casual gaming on my home pc.