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  1. Its not so long ago I replaced my PC case. Old one was very crap, had worse airflow and just 1 fan, no shit just 1 fan. I originally had the CiT Devil Mesh
  2. No there is plenty of airflow, only problem with the case is bad cable management
  3. I've not overclocked it. My PC case is the Cit Blaze
  4. I have had my RTX 3070 founders edition for a couple of weeks now but I have just a major concern over how the GPU runs. The performance is great, no complaint there but what I am annoyed and concerned about is the heat and loudness it is when running. When playing games I see my RTX 3070 FE getting up to 80*c and I feel concerned. Its less that I am bothered about how hot it gets but more down to how bloody loud it is when the fans having to ramp up. When the GPU tries to cool itself I have to say it runs fairly loud. I have adequate cooling coming in and out of the case but its just lo
  5. I have an SSD and it was working fine but when I unplugged it so I can change its orientation, I plugged it back in but now I can't access anything anymore. It was originally in NTFS file format but its now in RAW and there is data on there there I want to recover. I have changed the Sata cable and its not that. I have done chkdsk and it won't fix the issue. Is there any free software that DOESN'T need a licence to be run to recover the data on the SSD so I can move it to my HDD temporarily so I can then revert the SSD back to NTFS. I don't need to know to turn the SSD back into NTFS, ju
  6. I am thinking to get the Corsair RM660W but I want to avoid spending more then I can afford.
  7. I am currently planning to upgrade my exiting PC's GPU with the RTX 3070 Eagle and I have looked and saw people not recommending me using it but the thing is I talked to someone who knows PC's and says it should be fine however I am concerned. Sure its a low end power supply but it hasn't had any issues with my current setup. As long its a 650w it should work as Nvidia didn't say anything about it being low end or high end, just that it has to be a 650w. Also I would like to know if I can stick with the VS650w what cable splitter would I need exactly as I am not sure what cable I will be
  8. I am uncertain about my current specs for my PC as I feel more inclined to upgrade to getting the RYX 3070 but I am not sure if I would need to upgrade my power supply. I currently have a corsair vs650w but I am not sure if I would be able to run it. My specs currently right now is a Z270E Asus Gaming Motherboard I7-7700k 4.2ghz quad core 2x8gb vengeance RAM 500gb 970 EVO Plus NVME SSD 1tb SATA SSD (not sure what brand) 250gb SATA SSD (not sure what brand) 1TB HHD (not sure what brand) Current GPU is a GTX 1050 OC 2GB I want to upgrade my PC to b
  9. Seems like you've got yourself in a pickle. Have you tried to go to the drivers and updating or reinstalling the audio driver as surprisingly it can work depending on the situtation
  10. Selling some old hardware today as I no longer need it. It was my old computer hardware. The hardware is AMD A6-6400k, PSD34G160081h 2x4gb patriot, F2A68HM-HD2 motherboard AMD A series A68B and a 450w power supply. What do you think I could get for it? It's nearly 3 years old and is in good condition.


  11. Selling some computer hardware on Saturday to a place as no one online is buying them. Should get something for it right?


  12. Anything special on owning a custom case that is old?
  13. I had a computer bought from Amazon uk and buts it' been such long time when I bought it. I was getting tired of the boring slow amd a6 cpu and ditched the hardware and went for upgrades. I wasn't wanting to buy a entirey new computer as it would cost more in the long run but recently I have stumbled across woundering"How much is my pc worth?". Like yes I have everything I know what i have bought but now am unsure what the case is. It' a missing piece in understanding what my pc is worth if bought brand new. If anyone knows how to find out what computer case you own I would greatly thank you
  14. Only thing that is limiting me on playing all video games is my gpu.  My cpu is not showing any signs of slowing down, my ram 16gb is all I really need, my z270e motherboard is not limiting me playing video games, the Ethernet port and cable is working like a charm (cat6) andmy hardrive I'm not worrying about as i have not filled the hardrive. The GPU well...... I can always get it to 100%. Yes it's not the best. Gtx 1050. As far as I can talk you is it does limit me but my stage I have no money lying around to upgrade it.


    Just thought explaining what my pc is like.



    Update: Changed my lay out of my stream and everyone seems to like it more. 122 subs now.

  15. Game related here...

    I'm playing unturned and i seem to be a prime target against a organisation. I am the person who streams on the server fyi. I pay the military to protect me as guards and they are aweful at there job. Anything I can do to prevent these often kidnapping? 

  16. Game related here...

    Building a space elevator currently in space engineers.

    What is everyone's opinion on a space elevator?

    1. TVwazhere


      They're far out!

  17. I release YouTube streams but I don't know what i am doing wrong as I am not gaining a audience as well I expecting. YouTube name is Tanning Tanspotty

    1. Rupe


      Don't get the impression that most people get a decent viewership. Remember you only hear about the success stories and not the majority of streamers who are doing it without any real audience trying to make it big! It's not to say you are necessarily doing anything wrong

  18. Should i be worried that my monitor is no longer being produced? I am not sure if i should just wait until my monitor gives up on me or some how trade it in. Currently my monitor is a aoc e2250swdn. 

    1. NoxiousOdor


      There is nothing wrong with having things that are no longer produced, as long as they still work there is no reason to change. 90% of my setup is no longer produced

    2. 8uhbbhu8


      None of my monitors are produced anymore. Yet they still work perfectly fine. hell I have a monitor that hasn't been made in over 20 years and it works better and is more reliable then half the stuff I see made in the last few months!