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  • Birthday Feb 10, 1992

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    Indiana, USA
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    Computers, gaming, programming, linux (Arch, specifically), cycling, cars, sports.
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    I'm 22, studying computer science, and working full-time. I live with my fiancée and a roommate in Indiana. I've yet to build a PC, but will be doing so sometime in the next 12-24 months when money is right. Currently I use my laptop, a Lenovo W510, as my primary computer (light gaming, general web browsing, etc).

    Find me on PCPartsPicker @ http://pcpartpicker.com/user/twaelbroeck/
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    ER Admitting (Hospital)/Student
  1. It doesn't show any drive other than my main HDD. As soon as I plug in a different USB, that USB shows up instantly.
  2. Any luck if a drive doesn't show up in disk management or diskpart? It won't show in Windows 8.1, Ubuntu, nor my 2nd computer which has Win7. I burnt a live USB of Arch on an 8GB drive, so I don't care if I lose files or anything. I was able to boot to the drive several times before it became unable to use. Any suggestions?
  3. Gorgeous! Just beautiful. Keep up the good work!
  4. Absolutely gorgeous! And the system is pretty nice too. But really, though. Build quality is top notch from every angle. Part choices are phenominal, cable management is unbelievably perfect, and everything is wonderfully themed. The jealousy is strong.