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  1. Like already mentioned: the link to the written guide dous not work, I get the following error: 2F173
  2. i was browsing online for solutions, and found somting about experimental quic protocol on chrome, enabeling this fixed my issue on chrome, but in my other browers the problem persists, do you guys know what this is and if i can replicate it in firefox? if not i will flag this as solution.
  3. nope, and i think (not sure) my phone whould have problems to if that was the case
  4. i have restarted but dont notice any difference, is there eny way i can conform that the settings went true correctly?
  5. i am not in the us and since the problem isent there on my phone i dont think it is my isp's foulth, i am using wifi but i found the settings. do i restart now?
  6. i am getting responces in cmd, and with a vpn i can connect to youtube. any idea what this means?
  7. I am trying to watch a youtube video but evry time i try my connection gets refused, I have tried using multiple browser's, restarted my computer serveral times, temporally turned of my firewall and checked that i could acces other sites like the google.com. the weird thing is that I can watch youtube on my phone without a problem and I can use google aslong as i dont try to edit my account. I am using windows 10 on an acer aspire VX15. I usualy use firefox but the problem is there on all my browsers. thanks in advance