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  1. Hi guys - So i just received this Asus VP249QGR monitor today. I'm aware at least that i need a decent GPU to achieve its advertised 144hz, but i'm still saving money at the moment. When i checked the monitor settings earlier, i can only see 59, 60, 100 and 120hz in the options. Can anyone tell me if it is totally safe to set it to 120hz (or even 100hz) always even when i'm using an integrated GPU? I'm currently using i7-8700 and 16GB of RAM. Thank you!
  2. azize

    Logitech G502

    Nice. Thank you so much!
  3. azize

    Logitech G502

    Thank you! Are there no double-clicking issues?
  4. Hello guys. Any thoughts about the Logitech G502? I want to know your experience in using the said mouse. Planning to buy it soon. Thank you.
  5. Good day! I'm currently saving up money to upgrade my RAM to 16GB as soon as possible. I'm using G.Skill Ripjaws V 8GB (2x4GB; 2400Mhz; CL15), and ASRock Z370 Extreme4 as my motherboard. If I buy this same set of RAM, will it work with my existing RAM without any conflicts? Thank you.
  6. I think there's one store here that lets people test switches, but it's far from my place. I'll still give it a try to be sure and finally decide on what to buy. Thank you guys for responding!
  7. Good day! I've been watching reviews about mechanical keyboards with Red switches. I had my eyes on the Red switches at first, but some people say that Brown switches are better. I'm kinda confused. I usually do gaming (sometimes competitive gaming when I play with my friends) and I also do coding for my projects, and I want to know which is better for these activities based on your experiences. Thank you.
  8. So, does this mean I don't have to buy a 650w or a 750w PSU?
  9. Good day!This is my second time posting in this forum and I am still a newbie regarding PCs. It has been a month since my father and I bought this PC (we haven't bought a GPU yet due to the crazy prices right now). Everything is fine until I thought about the power supply we bought, which is a Corsair TX550. I'm currently worried because the PSU we bought may not be enough once we're able to buy a GPU. I've tried power supply calculators like Cooler Master, BeQuiet and Outervision, but I can't still figure out whether this PSU is already enough because other people say that some PS