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  1. I'm troubleshooting a printer/scanner (connected with WiFi) and a Windows 10 64bit HP laptop (WiFi). The issue is that when the laptop leave the network (house) and comes back the printer/scanner doesn't recognise (Australian Spelling) the computer, I fixed this by remove the printer/scanner from the computer then re added it and it worked fine, until it stopped again. I have noticed this only happens when the device leaves the network. If I left out anything you need please let me know.
  2. Sorry for the long title. Note: This isn't my computer, and don't have it on hand but I can still get information -- It might just be delayed Also note: This is a school computer so projectors and cables varies from classroom to classroom and it happens on all scenarios. When this computer is plugged to a projector using, a HDMI cable (computer only has HDMI output) then unplugged the scaling goes down to 100% when before it was 125%. This never used to happen to this person. I have tried looking for information online but found nothing.
  3. So people can easily find my IP address through my DDNS?
  4. Hi all, I have made a Minecraft Server and I am having my friends join using my Dynamic DNS server (NoIP) which point to my public IP address which is synced from my router. But my question is I’ve heard that sharing your public IP address is unsafe, but what about using a DDNS, is that safe to share semi-publicly? When I say semi-publicly I mean I will give it to a small Discord Server I’m in with people I don’t know - if that makes sense! Thank you, Nic.
  5. I use PIA and I am completely happy with the results I lose about 1-3MBs when connected (From Australia). The customisation is great and support for every device you would need (Linux and Router Support), and mobile apps work great. When you buy PIA you can also support LMG by using their affiliate code! PIA offers a 7 Day trial, which is alright if you test everything you need in that time. Good luck with your search!
  6. Just use Blue Stacks: https://www.bluestacks.com/
  7. Thank you I’ve been waiting all day. My normal Saturday is watch 20mins of WAN go to work and watch the next 40mins. My Saturday was ruined ???. PS: why is the new Tech Quicky episode missing from floatplane??
  8. This is what I'm trying to do... I am trying to share unblocked internet for my school. How I'm doing this... I have downloaded a VPN (XVPN), then shared my laptop internet using an external wifi adapter that supports sharing WiFi (netsh wlan start hostednetwork) What happens I am able to access the VPN but when I start to use it BSOD - BAD_POOL_CALLER (sometimes BAD_POOL_HEADER) I have gotten sharing WiFi to work (without VPN)... THIS IS NOT THE PROBLEM I can only use this VPN as this is what works at school I have used verifier.exe and signed