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  1. For an extra $40 over the Hero (WiFi), you get an improved VRM design, a removed chipset fan, and an all black aesthetic. Honestly, I'm getting one over the Strix simply for the aesthetic and fanless chipset (the extra USB ports too but I was fine with the Strix tbh). As far as availability, I haven't seen anything solid. The only information I've seen was from an ASUS rep on reddit, stating availability towards the later part of the 1st week in November or some time during the 2nd week.
  2. 2020 and I still considered buying a Galaxy Fold 2 cuz why the hell not
  3. I guess there's no longer a point to making their devices irreparable and Apple is just blatantly spewing electronic waste at this point. At least they'll eventually be carbon neutral, when you overlook the landfills and costly recycling plants.
  4. One thing I was super curious about was how infinity fabric plays a roll with Zen 3 processors 8 cores and below. If it's a single CCD rather than two CCXs, does infinity fabric mean much and have to be coupled with memory clocks? Or am I not understanding infinity fabric's roll and involvement with memory at all lol
  5. The other benchmarks imply it's below a 3080, so it's difficult to say or even speculate.
  6. Steve from Gamers Nexus cited board partners as saying that even a month of delay for the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 would not improve the availability issues that we're seeing today, so I'm curious if this short delay will actually improve anything. I doubt it, I'm more inclined to believe that this shift in launch is a cheap way of taking news coverage away from AMD, as media will likely cover the RTX 3070 on the 28th instead of AMD's RDNA2 announcement. This delay may also push consumers towards the already scarcely available RTX 3080. We've already seen 3080 buyers shift up to a 309
  7. You know, it's funny, Steve from Gamers Nexus is huge into downhill biking and has an expensive, tricked out bike by the sounds of it. I don't know if he discusses his actual bike on his personal channel but you could probably even shoot him a tweet and ask where to start.
  8. I've never seen an ethernet port fail from physical abuse personally, so I'd assume it's pretty resilient. You could always just look at the port yourself and make sure it isn't damage, or the port itself isn't bent backwards or lifting from the motherboard at all.
  9. anime breath of the wild Download speeds have presumably normalized because I'm running it at 2.5MB/s rn. Was definitely running slow on mobile yesterday around 300-500KB/s.
  10. If you have to run without a side panel, the only places you could put fans that'd make sense are the top and bottom panels. I'd assume side mounted fans wouldn't do anything because they'd just blow air back into the room without hitting any components.
  11. Long story short, Der8aur replaced two 'POSCAPs' with MLCC arrays and managed to fix the crashing issue. I still suspect that we're still going to see GPUs binned too high and crashing anyway, but that's a different story as a result of NVIDIA rushing out a product/keeping their board partners in the dark to prevent all the leaks that happened anyway.
  12. You buy from this price segment because it's the highest end product on the market for a fairly reasonable price, not because it's made of fairy dust that'll grant your any wish. What you're arguing the RTX 3080 should be doesn't exist and has never existed on the market, and this is coming from somebody who's owned a GTX 780, GTX 980 Ti, and GTX 1080 Ti. Also loving the argument that you always have to buy a top tier card, regardless of how financially practical and wasteful it is. I feel like the majority of consumers buying the RTX 3080 today don't plan on upgrading for a couple
  13. Yea, as I understood it, the designs have always had to have been approved by NVIDIA. Unless of course that changed over the last generation or so, but even Buildzoid suspects that NVIDIA is still approving boards and should assume most of the blame for this debacle.
  14. Oh, see, I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum and I firmly believe a majority of this is NVIDIA's fault. 1) All board partner designs have to be approved by NVIDIA, so while Zotac, EVGA, or Palit could submit a shit design, if it gets through, then surely NVIDIA thought it was fine. 2) NVIDIA gave board partners very little time to test boards. 3) The time board partners did have to test boards, the majority of it was without drivers to actually run games or actual loads on, so partners could have been binning improper chips too. 4) Not making the reference desig
  15. The whole POSCAP thing sounds more like an industry wide mislabeling rather than a couple tech outlets getting capacitors confused, so it seems like a better comparison is people who refer to 1440p as 2K. They're blatantly wrong but at this point it's kind of pedantic to complain about it.
  16. I figured the clocks being lowered had to do with running near the limit of what PCIe power and dual 8-pin connectors should offer, so I'm excited to see more testing or even just clarification on how right or wrong I am on that. It'd be nice to see if there's additional headroom on cards that offer 3x 8-pin connectors for beginner and amateur overclockers.
  17. Well, if it's any comfort to you, I know nothing about chip design. I wouldn't think the memory bus would play a significant role when the reported hardware difference between the GPUs is already pretty slight, but I don't know a whole lot anyway so this is ignorant speculation at best haha.
  18. The actual CUDA cores aren't even 20% higher on the 3090 so I think those individuals need a bit of a reality check like this topic to get them back in line.
  19. I feel like most people considering a card like the RTX 3090 aren't terribly concerned about reviews, only that it's the top dog. It's just fun to speculate about performance before the embargo lifts or reviewers get their hands on the card. I've heard that reviewers aren't being seeded 3090 cards, though, so iunno.
  20. You're forgetting all the Titan cards that existed before Turing lol.
  21. Those are much more disappointing numbers than I anticipated, I was expecting a similar uplift in the 3090 to the 3080 as we saw with the 2080 Ti to the 2080, but that might have been unreasonable to expect given the spec differences between all of those cards. I'll still be waiting for third party reviews to confirm these numbers before I jump the gun and grab a 3080 (and at this rate, wait for Big Navi's announcement), but if these numbers are even close to realistic, I'll be disappointed and will likely wait for that rumored 20GB 3080 SKU.
  22. Sweet dreams, my prince. I've owned way too many of you for a single individual.