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  1. check 5600x reviews and you'll find some using the rtx 2080ti and 3070 is similar to the 2080ti in performance
  2. probably not much a difference what your setup like ? i mean at what resolutions and refresh rate you want to play at ?
  3. you don't need to have average 144fps to benefit from a 144hz monitor just 90fps feels better than 60fps
  4. he's getting 80 fps on ultra so if you lower it to high or medium you'll be getting more fps
  5. 144hz what ? 1080p144hz 1440p144hz 4k144hz ultrawide 1080p144hz ultrawide 1440p144hz ultrawide 4k144hz superultrawide ?????
  6. did you use the same cable ?
  7. I reinstall windows three to four times a year I love the fresh smell of windows and not being stressed if something not working right but that just me
  8. those numbers mean nothing both of you and your friend should do the benchmark and yes not formatting windows can be the problem since windows get cluttered with malware and bloatware and stuff and you should format it periodically to keep it clean. edit : and make sure you have XMP enabled
  9. then why not get the 5900x and spend less on the cooler
  10. where did you see it was running hot ?
  11. yes most games will want to use your gpu at its full potential but for you you have options - you can enable vsync globally so all games lock the fps to your monitor refresh rate (60 in your case) this will remove any screen tearing but if your fps drops to 59 you'll feel stutter because it will feel like 30fps - you can enable adaptive sync which will work like vsync but will be disabled if fps drops bellow 60 and you won't feel a stutter but will have screen tearing - you can limit fps with software like afterburner in my opinion your gpu fine with 70 degrees but I'm
  12. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K1J3C23 actually the 1tb nvme sx8200 pro is only $135 in amazon
  13. https://noctua.at/en/nh-d15/ccomp#manuf_8334 the noctua list even the smaller Define C as compatible with the case max height 170mm while the define 7 max height is 185mm you still have doubt ? btw define 7 is not on the list because its a new case