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  1. Agree
    selecadm reacted to Sauron in Member Search - Sort By nonfunctional.   
    I thought you were requesting a "sort by nonfunctional" feature
  2. Funny
    selecadm got a reaction from r2724r16 in Opening the forum makes my wireless headphones think there will be sound   
    Every time I open or reload this forum, JBL T450BT headphones make me listen to white noise. It lasts for 30 seconds. Muting all forum tabs doesn't help. DAE have this problem?
  3. Like
    selecadm got a reaction from LukeSavenije in Latest Videos showing old videos   
    Same. Early April Fools joke?
    I am not sure I watched the RAID video, but Linus is so young in that thumbnail, it's obvious the video is several years old.
  4. Informative
    selecadm reacted to Mclaren Al in Can We Fix It? - Server Room Upgrade Part 2   
    I agree that Ubiquiti hardware adoption can be super annoying and very problematic. I do have to say that most of issues in this video are due to not handling the network first prior to plugging everything in. I can relate to the adoption issues with the hardware. I just setup two UniFi controllers on a preexisting network at home and at work last week. Instead of ranting about Ubiquiti’s broken migration tool, I'll explain how to avoid adoption issues across different subnets.
    First take the config file from within the controller under the maintenance tab. If you try taking the config file from the export site setup, it will break the database every time. If you run into issues with your controller and find that you have to factory reset other hardware. Access The device on its preexisting subnet, go to its IP without the port number and Adopt the device to your controller from there. Just change the IP on the inform to match the Cloud Key. You will most likely have to access your Cloud Key on another workstation that's on its Subnet. At this point in time it should automatically be trying adopted the device to your Cloud Key and show that the Subnet of the other devices matches.
    This should prevent you from having to reconfigure all of your subnets to all your different Vlans and servers or Workstations.
  5. Like
    selecadm got a reaction from Murasaki in THIS Piece of JUNK was my first phone!   
    And these were my first: Siemens A35, Siemens A50, Siemens CX75. First two were hand me downs. CX75 was bought for my 11th birthday.

  6. Agree
    selecadm got a reaction from TwentyOnePenguins in We UPGRADED the $69 Gaming PC and it ROCKS!   
    Isn't it amazing how a 14-year-old platform is still relevant for gaming? Next year LGA775 will celebrate its 15th birthday.