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  1. The TR is not going to be the best gaming CPU, but it will be more than enough for any game and if it significantly improves your 3D modelling then why not. My Ryzen 7 clocked at 3.8 Ghz (I don't have an amazing cooler) gives great performance in anything I through at it (I have a 1070 Ti GPU). I'm much happier with my Ryzen 7 compared to my old i5 3570k. Both overclock the Ryzen is not really an upgrade in pure gaming terms but I am rarely 'just gaming'. I am multitasking all the time even when I am running a tripple A game.
  2. In the UK your not even allowed to advertise the 24 Mbits adsl2+ service as 24 mbits, you have to advertise it as what 70% of your customers actually get. Which is usually 17 Mbits. Anyway, what does your provider say your property is actually capable of getting? They should be able to tell you. If you're a few miles from your telephone exchange then 3 Mbits is probably about right. If your speed is below your expected speed (forget about this advertised 24 Mbits, it's criminal they can even say that tbh) then you should be able to log a slow throughput fault. There are some-things
  3. I have the same issue. Slowing the whole laptop down. It's only an entry level laptop but I cannot find any reason for it to be like that. Let me know if you find a solution.
  4. Depends what you use the laptop for. In terms of gaming, you're going to struggle to hit 120 fps. Some games though, can get above 100 fps with a 1050 Ti, such as CS:GO and DOTA II and older games too of course.
  5. Gdog

    dual monitor

    Does the game support fullscreen windowed/borderless mode?
  6. Gdog

    dual monitor

    How is your dual screen set up? My monitor's resolution are independent, I have a 1080p screen and a 1440p screen and I never did anything special to set it up.
  7. Gdog

    1070 TI

    Thanks for the input guys. I take on board what you say about the 1080 verse the 1070 ti. I did want a 1080 but there were none of those left on black friday deals. The highest card still on a deal was a 1070ti. So the 1080 was ~£500 (676 USD) and I bought the 1070 ti for £425 (575 USD), so about 100 USD cheaper. The Cheapest 1070 was £388 (524 USD).
  8. Gdog

    1070 TI

    Is there much head room on the OC? I got the Gaming X version.
  9. Gdog

    1070 TI

    Hey guys, What are your thought on the 1070ti. I got one during Black Friday for about the price of a 1070. Unfortunately, they had run out of 1080's which is what I was going for. Friends are telling me it's a bad card for the money. Thanks,
  10. Perfectly happy with this. Another quick question, due to it being a X edition processor, I don't need to do manual overclocking?
  11. I already have a 1700X. I have an EVO in another build so if I can just get an AM4 upgrade kit for that it's easier for me.
  12. That's the 6 core 12 thread CPU? I should be good on the 1700x then
  13. Hello guys, Does anyone have a 1700X with the Hyper 212 EVO that can give me an idea on it's performance? I am not really interested in theory and stuff. Cheers,
  14. Can you try a different power cable and also SATA port on the MOBO.
  15. Gdog

    Which os?

    I would highly recommend Linux Mint for your first gnu/Linux distribution.
  16. Are the other drives/partitions active? you can check in Disk Management: a) Right-click the bottom-left corner (or Start button) on the desktop to open Quick Access Menu, and then choose Disk Management. b) Use Windows+R to open Run, type diskmgmt.msc in the empty box and tap OK. c) Open Disk Management in Computer Management.
  17. Hello, It's not so much the motherboard that bottlenecks the SSD, rather it is the interface. Examples include SATA, NVMe, IDE etc... The motherboard on that laptop has a SATA3 interface, which supports speeds of 6 Gb/s. The drive you referenced has a sustained read speed of 530 MB/s and sustained write speed of 460 MB/s. Note that the SATA is referenced in Gigabits per second but the drive lists Megabytes per second. To convert from bits to bytes you divide by 8. So 6 GB/s divide 8 = 750 Megabytes. So no, the SATA3 interface on your motherboard
  18. That won't help me recover data though
  19. I do plan to get an m.2 for the OS, I have 2 250GB SSD's that I will have as raid0 for my games (care more about speed here than the increased failure rate). the raid 5/6 will be HDDs for the storage space and I'd prefer raid 5/6 for some protection against HDD failure.
  20. Hello, I'm looking at upgrading my rig to a ryzen 7 with a B350 board and I am also looking at upgrading my storage and I would like some redundancy agaisnt hard drive failure. I can see that the board will support Raid 0, 1 and 10. So I could get two 6 TB drives but I am only getting 50% of the storage I buy. What are my options if I would like a raid 5 or 6 set up. Would it only be possible with a hardware controller? Thanks,