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  1. I've never had issues with Samsung.
  2. Need more information to answer this question.
  3. If you have a 1080 ti I would skip Turing and the next 2-3 generations after that. If you do go for Turing, just understand your paying the 'We have a high end GPU monopoly tax' too.
  4. That PC is fine if you want it for browsing youtube, just know if you buy it, it wont be worth upgrading. if you were going to spend $90 on that and $200 more, plus you don't want to use a case, you might be better finding a ryzen apu. You could probably find a Ryzen 2200G, a B450 Motherboard, a cheap 8gb RAM stick , a hdd/ cheap ssd and a cheap PSU for $350 and it will be so much better than that long term.
  5. You're asking if a high-end GPU will keep up? If you buy either of these cards you'll be able to handle games for 3-4 years. My r9 290x lasted me 5 years before I upgraded to a 1070 ti. Either way, with your build and 600 euros, I'm not sure I would have spent it on the 1080 ti. Having done that, you should upgrade your CPU and monitor right now... otherwise you might as well have bought a lower tier GPU or waited to buy the 1080 ti when you could have afforded a new monitor and cpu and also got the 1080 ti cheaper to boot. Just as @Spotty advised you.
  6. I really hope it was just dirty and not toxic.
  7. I bought a 1700x too. All I had to do was update the mobo bios and it was basically the same experience as Intel. I get confused with all this fuss about the platform, maybe in the first few months but I missed that so..
  8. 8 inch is a bit small yeah, can I install steam on that?
  9. I want to get a slim touchscreen all in one PC. The specs just need to be good enough to use it as a steam link to play games like civ6, rimworld, city skylines etc from my couch. Ideally 13-15 inches. Doesn't need a stand or anything as it will essentially be used as a tablet (powered by my desktop PC via steam)
  10. Yeah, I thought he still had the final say on important changes though, I could be wrong?
  11. How is Linus irrelevant? He is "the final arbiter of all changes accepted into the Linux kernel. " You know... the kernel that powers one of the most widely used operating systems in the world? The guy is pretty relevant if you ask me!
  12. Apparently, this is going to have a negative hit on nVidia cards when coupled with intel CPU's. Will not effect AMD GPU + Intel CPU combo as AMD GPU's (since GCN 1.1) has a dedicated pipeline for syscalls whereas nVidia do not. Any benchmarks can offer insight on this? If anyone has pre/post results on nVida/Intel combo hardware please post.
  13. Thanks for the information! I guess Heterogeneous mGPU will be a thing going forward too. I have Ashes of the Singularity which supports it so I might test that out
  14. So any applications on that screen will be powered by that 2nd GPU?
  15. Hey guys. I currently have a 1070 TI and want to add my old 290X to the unit. Primary reason will be for pass-through to a VM; however, I was wondering: When I am not running the VM, is there any benefit to having 2 GPUs not in SLI/CF, I have triple monitors for example? Thanks,
  16. Which GPU do you have currently?
  17. Ah okay. So that is a reference spec (i.e. not factory overclocked) with a customer PNY cooler. The founders edition has a blower fan design but I prefer aftermarket/customer coolers. Anyway, Get the PNY one unless you specifically want a blower design.
  18. That site is blocked where I am. Can you C&P the name?
  19. Which PNY one, specifically? Pretty sure they do a dual fan design and a reference design.
  20. Yeah I'd go for the 1060 too. 970 lacks features that means it will not benefit as well from DX12 also. A 480 might be an option too, if you can find one cheap.
  21. Ryzen+ will not make Ryzen obsolete. Furthermore, Ryzen+ will not be discounted upon initial release so the Ryzen7 will still have been cheaper. I understand your point though but it really depends and is very situational. If your bargain hunting you may need to buy parts over a period of months and different components come on offer or as your budget becomes available. Sure, you could put that money away and buy everything at once but then there is no guarantee that all the parts will be available a sale price. Neither is there any certainty that new parts being releas