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  1. 3 hours ago, Lysea said:

    I never used it I only mounted it never plugged it too when I brought it at 11/11/2016 it have 10 Years Warranty now I think it have 6 Years Warranty right now Thank for the Help so I can only sell it for $300AU or more but not above $400AU or more?

    You can sell it for as much as someone will pay for it. Maybe check ebay or other 2nd hand sites and see how much it is selling for (if possible).


    If you can't get an idea on prices that way but you have time, then start at the high end of what people said here.


    Also, the drive is mounted - it's highly likely that it's been used... If you sell it as never used and a buyer checks that then they would, in most countries, be entitled to a refund as you lied on the description.

  2. 3 hours ago, JESUS IS LORD said:

    RAID 0 takes the speed of one drive and the speed of the second drive and nearly doubles the speed. So yes running faster is better

    What are you defining as speed? Latency barely changes in raid0. The throughput may double if the 3 Gigabyte / second is your bottleneck.

  3. Hello,


    I want to buy this drive for storage on my desktop (everything except games which will be stored on a StoreMI drive). Seagate Exos 8TB




    I want this drive because its good value for money relative to other 8tb drives, 5 yr warranty, and high spec for readability.


    My question is, does anyone else use enterprise drives in their desktop? Is this a terrible idea for some reason I am not aware of?

  4. Another question please:


    I decided I'm going to get two 4TB drives for Raid1, I see these two, one is slightly more expensive but has 4x the cache and NCQ, would have any any opinions on either of these? Would the cache be worth the extra 20% in price?





    WD Red



    Thanks again

  5. The drive passed SMART but failed when tested due to bad sectors. I believe there are only a few bad sectors, I don't see an option to test for the exact amount of bad sectors without also fixing them...

  6. Hello,


    I have two Seagate Barracuda 2TB drives set up as a 4TB Raid0 array (via the BIOS). The 2nd drive seems to be having some issues and I noticed some CRC errors when backing up.


    I suspect this is a minor issue as I was only unable to back up about 15MB (three 5MB mp3s) of data from 2.33 TB worth of data.


    What tools can I use to diagnose the scale of the issue and, if it is just a few bad sectors, I'd prefer to continue using the array and have them marked as bad.


    Any advice welcome.

  7. Hello,


    I work on a helpdesk with a fair bit of downtime - but limited internet access. While we are not busy, I’d like to be learning the SQL solution the company uses - SQL Server 2012 Management Studio .


    Can anyone recommend an introductory book on SQL ideally with a focus on Server 2012 Management Studio to study?


    Many thanks,

  8. 15 minutes ago, Sauron said:

    There is nothing in the CoC that suggests that. It is purely your projection of your own opinion of the person who originally wrote it.


    The people who adopted it in the kernel are engineers and computer scientists who have worked on it for decades.

    I know, I know. The CoC is just about compassion for each other ;)


    I'll stop replying now, Take it easy.


    Exactly. Nobody is arguing with “be nice and don’t harass others” everybody wants this.

    The problem is that I already have a couple of devs and one reporter here trying to use the code to find wrong thinkers and punish them with this new COC, often while violating it. https://t.co/kze8jRrNpU

    — Mark Kern (@Grummz) September 18, 2018


    Already suggestions of rescinding of code, legal action and burn it to the ground for those who find themselves guilty of the vague terms of the Code of Conduct: https://t.co/Bxd0SyX0ew

    I just hope the Linux and FOSS community will push back against this.

    — Gareth Hart (@tgheretford) September 20, 2018

  9. 8 minutes ago, Sauron said:

    That's rich coming from you after that last statement :P

    Just don't assume that this is purely about compassion, is all I would ask. For every decision has an easy answer which people assume with have no consequences and make us all equal on the same playing field. the only problem is the utopia cannot be achieved and you end up with the soviet union :)


    I know there is hope for you and that you are not one of them as you have not called me a racist bigot yet ^^

  10. 19 minutes ago, Sauron said:

    10/10 propaganda. Straw man of "the enemy", avoidance of the actual topic of discussion, buzz words, you have it all.

    It's only a straw man if it's not true ;) Am I avoiding the topic or have you misunderstood what is at stake?


    You can act with moral superiority if you like, time will tell what happens. You should at least be open the possibility that you are wrong.


    On ‎24‎/‎09‎/‎2018 at 6:01 PM, Sauron said:

    That makes no difference. At all. They simply make some examples of what doesn't matter. Is this what will destroy Linux?

    So you're saying it's the same as the old one, yet it's absolutely outrageous and must be changed? I never said the CoC needed to change, but now that it HAS changed I'm at least ok with it. You guys are the ones saying it's intolerable.


    "This new face of Linux"


    what are you even talking about? Literally nothing changed except the wording of the CoC. As for not getting the "reward", don't THEY use Linux? The whole idea is that people contribute to make the kernel better for everyone, it's not a competition or a job. If that is your mentality when contributing, then the project is better off without you OR your code - you just don't get to force them to remove it after you wrote it and the rest of the community started building on it.


    Yes, Linux will be changed for ever. You should really understand this is not about a CoC at all. This is about toppling the white male patriarchy, who these people have been taught are responsible for all their woes by professors of university humanities courses.  This is how the SJW-type work. Hijacking compassion to force change in laws/rules which are then used to remove the current power structure with them in its place. Anyone who comes up with a counter-argument is considers a 'rape apologist', 'racist', 'bigot' etc. Any disagreement from their argument is considered an attack on their existence. There is no deviation from the party line, any discovered is swiftly stamped out and the culprits tried and sentenced by the court of twitter. This system is not compatible with a free meritocracy.


  12. 22 hours ago, Sniperfox47 said:

    I mean developers *can* legally rescind their licenses and use that to effectively blackmail the software using their contributions. But how big of a jackass do you have to be to do that?


    Both sides of this issue are acting like dumb children. Take out the explicit punishment part of the CoC to make it actually reasonable and stop threatening to destroy a project over something so fucking trivial.

    They have been contributing for years for the reward of recognition but get banned because of a toxic ideology. They never got the reward, why should this new face of Linux get their code?

  13. Thanks for the tips guys.


    My spare machine is:

    • i5 3750k (4core no ht/smt)
    • 8 GB RAM
    • R9 290X GPU
    • No storage devices connected yet.
    • 1 Gigabit Network port via PCI Extension (+1 Gigabit onboard LAN).

    The machine doesn't need to be efficient really, if you mean in terms of the power bill. It seems a bit beefy to 'waste' on a firewall or file server so I was hoping to virtualise or have the server do as much as possible. If I keep the GPU in, it could even be used for gaming via steam in-house streaming (enabling me to game on old laptops). I guess I could also use an old laptop as a pfsense server. I think I have a Celeron with 2gb of ram, not sure of the network card speed or how easy it would to add a second.


    Also, another question. Assume I set up Modem <-> pfsense <-> switch <-> clients. The modem would be a typical modem/router/Access point from my ISP in modem mode. I guess I would need another access point to go behind the pfsense router? Or would the access point still be functional on the isp device without the protection of pfsense?



  14. Hello,


    I want to run a couple of servers on a spare machine I have. I would like a firewall and a file server, possibly more. Would this be possible using virtual machines such as virtualbox, or would I need a more advanced virtualisation program or would it not be possible using VMs.


    If it is possible, which packages would be best? Easy of use would be a priority as I am new to this side of things. I have been looking at pfsense, untangled, Sophos UTM, IPfire etc.


    For the file server, I don't really need anything advanced. Maybe even plain old windows or Linus samba share? As long as it needs an account to access that a backup solution can be programmed to use on clients (to avoid ransomware spreading to it.


    Many thanks for any help!

  15. 13 hours ago, Docretier said:

    OS on crucial bx300 450gb ssd and 1tb hdd for game files and general storage

    If you want my advice, I would move the games you are actively playing to the SSD. I wouldn't bother with an SSD cache unless you have a spare SSD laying around or you if you want to tinker.

  16. 17 minutes ago, Roblar said:

    I would absolutely love to run an Ethernet cable however the two rooms are literally the opposite side of the house.  I would probably be looking at like a 75m plus cable haha!  


    The thought of actually running cables in the walls has occurred to me but I know how expensive that can be.


    I have been recommended a home mesh Wifi system but as I'm not really familiar with I'm currently researching into it, my only concern is that 200mb will be carried to my office

    Sorry, I didn't mean running the cable all the way to the computer. Most home routers cannot be configured as a wifi relay but they usually can be configured as an access point. In which case you could run an Ethernet cable from the router downstairs to a router upstairs and configure the upstairs router as an access point. If it is in fact the flooring then this should improve speeds with minimal fuss and cost. You could test it before affixing or drilling any holes too.

  17. You would be better using an Ethernet cable to connect the two routers. The power line are not going to go any faster as their using mains wiring which is not ideal.


    Can you not get some cable tidies and descretely run an Ethernet to upstairs and connect to a router set up as an access point?