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  1. I still have to upgrade a monitor(use a cheap acer v226HQL), but i think i would stick to 1080, maybe 1440, never 4k
  2. i missed its not 800 its 700 its a gigabyte B700h its 80plus bronze not really sure, its not unlimited just want to see what could be like good value.
  3. Hi, I bought a 2060 and a good power (800w)supply like 4 months ago, before that i had a pretty functional but oldish system with no gpu P8Z77-m i5-3570(clocked at 4.0) 16 gbs ram so obviously my bottleneck is now my cpu, it plays nice but gpu is not being used that much from what i see. What would be a good cpu to try and get juice out of my GPU? also what MB should i pair it with
  4. I know, i just bought the GPU/PSU and did it so i could upgrade my cpu/ram/MB next. still getting good performance in games
  5. Did not know that, thanks, so 100% and 50% sounds about right?
  6. I am plating with a i5-3570 and a 2060, at max settings i am getting 60 fps, v-sync on since without it i had lots of tearing. my cpu is a little overclocked to like 4.12ghz, I know most times my cpu will bottleneck my gpu, i plan to upgrade in the future, but running shadow of tomb raider i see the cpu going full load and gpu at 6% on task manager, but on fraps it is 100% cpu and 50%~ on GPU, is this normal?
  7. I'm staring to get some kind of panic over loosing information because of drive failure. i currently have a machine with decent specs, not up to date but works good. CPU: i5-3570 16 gb ram ddr3 1333MHZ p8Z77 mb SSD1: 250GB (os) HDD1: 500GB HDD2: 250GB 2060 GPU (SHOULD NOT MATTER) I really don't want to get a NAS, but I'm not closed mind into not getting one, just that the computer is always on so i don't see why get more HW. what would be the best way into getting some redundancy and maybe write speed? i am willing i
  8. @GamerDude the description says it does, ill check "Sistema de enfriamiento líquido Corsair Hydro H45, 120mm. soporta Socket Intel LGA 1156 / 1155 / 1151 / 1150 / 2011 / 2066, AMD FM2+ / AM4 / AM3 / AM2." will it be enough cooling?
  9. is for a new pc build, the pc is mainly as a workstation it has i9-9900k, 32 gb ram,im adding a corsair 650w 80 plus white, the cpu is getting an corsair h45. im getting the card cause i have about that amount to spare and it would be nice to also game on the pc. i live in mexico and i can get a gigabyte 1070 ti AUORUS for ~450USD, or a 2060 for about that price.
  10. i have the budget for 1070ti, will it perform better than a 2060 even if it is way newer? what card should i get on this budget?
  11. Thanks for all the answers, and by having a PSU True Basix 480Watts would be enough for the GPU?
  12. so i have this its a bit old but i want to know some opinions on what should i do with this machine. i want to be able to game something like CS GO maybe some destiny 2. If i bought a 1070 should it be a good enough build? or should i consider building a whole new system? im trying to do this on the lowest budget possible. if i needed to get a new build i might as well get my gpu first and get it inside this machine and start swapping stuff little by little, maybe buy next the cpu and mobo. after that decent ram etc. opinions on this?
  13. @Halazar what did you use to get that pic of your current build? sorry if its a bit off topic
  14. I've got a motherboard that has 3gb and 6gb sata ports for drives, and it might be a dumb question but what is the diference? if fastest ssd wont get near 3gb? what are the 6gb ports for?
  15. I did that and now i can see the drive, thanks! on another matter, for some reason my user folder won't open it takes lots of time and it never opnes, could the disk be damaged? with a software called minitool i can see the folders and files inside but it doesn't have a feature to copy the files. any Idea how to recover the data?