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  1. Say you’re out of town, and you need the power of your home desktop, but only have a MacBook. Is there a software that allows you complete control of your home computer?
  2. Currently, I’m trying to make a USB installer of Sierra. I downloaded it from https://support.apple.com/en-is/HT211683 but it was downloaded as a dmg, instead of an app file, so I can’t use that. I don’t know my Mac model right now, but it has installed High Sierra on it before, so I’m pretty sure it can install Sierra.
  3. Does anyone have a copy of the High Sierra installer?
  4. Hi, I tried to wipe my iMac, I can’t get back into MacOS. I booted into Safe Mode, and reformatted my drive in MacOS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted). I then tried to reinstall MacOS, and I get a message saying “macOS could not be installed on your computer The installer resources were not found. Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again.” Edit: I just made it worse by wiping it in Journaled with no Encryption, so I just get a flashing icon with a question mark. Edit 2: I managed to startup from recovery + internet m
  5. I know that a video exported in H.265 will have better quality than a video exported in H.264 with the same bitrate, but what is its equal? For example, for an video exported at a bitrate 24 Mbps in H.264, what would the equal bitrate be in H.265 to have the same quality?
  6. Does anyone know of a way to center a window on your monitor in Windows 10?
  7. Ah, so ZIP Extractor is done on my computer and not the cloud (I would prefer the latter).
  8. A bit off–topic, but if I upload a ZIP file and use a software to unzip it, will it use my computer’s resources to do the heavy lifting or the cloud’s?
  9. Ah, I was mostly wondering if it would be better since I’m uploading one big file instead of a ton of small ones.
  10. Hi there, I have folders of photos (thousands) that I’m trying to upload to Google Drive. Would it be faster to ZIP them first, then upload to Google Drive?
  11. Would dialing back the RAM to 2666 MHz work to alleviate the problem instead, you think?
  12. I recently got a new PC and it tends to BSOD about every week. CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION What could be the cause and how can I fix it?
  13. HI there, I'm trying to connect an external drive formatted in MacOS Extended and I've been referred to a program called HFSExplorer. However, I scanned its installer in Virus Total and it looks like it detected something (see screenshot). Is it safe to use? If not, what alternatives could I use?se?