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  1. Informative
    TekSupport got a reaction from Falcon1986 in WPA2-EAP Repeater to WPA2 - Personal   
    Well ran a quick test and it allows connection to a WPA2-EAP network and then broadcasts WPA2-PSK network. Will have to wait till i can get this installed in the customers' site and make sure they are ok with it, beforehand.
    Thanks all for the help.
  2. Agree
    TekSupport got a reaction from SignatureSigner in My motherboard won't turn on   
    please include full specs regardless of whether you think its irrelevant, also describe the issue more.
    Read this.
    Operating system:
    How have you got the monitor setup, is it connected to your gpu or motherboard (cpu).
    preferably Include a picture of your motherboard connected, making sure to include ones that show all the power connection on your motherboard.
    People can't help you if you dont include all necessary information.
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    TekSupport got a reaction from _ADI_ in I BUMPED MY PC AND NOW IT WONT POST!!!   
    you mentioned checking the 24 pin connector but not the 4 pin connector that connects to the motherboard on the top left of the cpu.
    Make sure to connect it the right way and hear a click when you do. This is the connector for powering the cpu.
    Your cpu fan and led's get powered from the motherboard through the 24 pin connector so even though your fan is running doesnt mean your cpu is working.
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    TekSupport reacted to frozensun in First time build, unknown issues, please help!   
    Maybe you connected it via HDMi cable,so check in taskbar where time/clock is what is set under output sound,if it's your monitor switch it to realtek sound (wspeakers) whatever...
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    TekSupport got a reaction from Parideboy in Weird problems with a GTX 1080Ti   
    Can you link the Fans you bought from ali express, (There are quite a few scammers on there, selling non-existent products or faulty products)
    Sounds to me the fans are the issue,
    I would put back the original 2 fans that were still working and testing the GPU on load and see if the temperature go too high.
    If they don't, then i don't see why you need to change all fans when only one is faulty.
  6. Agree
    TekSupport reacted to TetraSky in HELP!! ASAP! MY PC RESET   
    Why do you want to change the name of that folder? That's your User profile's folder.
    It also shouldn't be in your D drive. That folder should only exist on your C drive. If it exist on the D drive as well, it means you also have Windows installed on that drive and you shouldn't touch those folders because it will screw with that windows install.
    If you want to have a personalized username, create a local account and only use that instead of your Microsoft account. You'll need to either manually transfer your stuff over by exporting it in Chrome and what not, or give up on them.
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    TekSupport got a reaction from Stefan Marinov in Some games crash while playing.   
    A couple of things,
    -Mainly the R9 390 is recommended to run on a 750W power supply, so i think this could explain the BSOD that your having. Although i would test this by stress testing the R9 390 to see if it gets a BSOD, and what error it come up with. (Should be noted certain website do state a 600W power supply is enough)
    -The crashes in games, especially on the R9 270x, i don't think are related to the power supply,
    - Stress test the R9 270x and the CPU.
  8. Agree
    TekSupport reacted to Quackwich in Internet Being Really Strange   
    Access your router's settings page and check to see if your computer shows up on the list of connected devices. Then, see if you can release or renew the connection. Make sure to "forget" the network on your computer too, and ensure that your WiFi card is running the latest drivers.
  9. Agree
    TekSupport reacted to HairlessMonkeyBoy in My new computer keeps going directly to bios after error code   
    It could be bad RAM or bad RAM settings that caused the corruption of your drive. Try running memtest86.
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    TekSupport reacted to imreloadin in disabling HT on 4770k   
    Well damn...didn't think that'd actually work😂
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    TekSupport reacted to HairlessMonkeyBoy in Power Button Stops Working after shutting down   
    You can bridge the pins that the power switch connects to with a screw driver to test if the switch is the issue.
  12. Agree
    TekSupport reacted to BigDamn in Power Button Stops Working after shutting down   
    Next time this happens, unplug your power switch from the moterboard and touch a screwdriver to the two connectors. If it boots, something is wrong with your power switch.
  13. Informative
    TekSupport reacted to Bombastinator in Need Help with my Compiter   
    Found a hp beep code chart.  Might be useful 
  14. Informative
    TekSupport got a reaction from Eighjan in Please help me   
    First I would read this Post, and try the steps it recommends.
  15. Agree
    TekSupport got a reaction from Marbo in PC Humming   
    1 out of the 5 replies you got with help and you complain about someone having some banter.
    people dont just go on forums to help you, a hint of it is get a smile from reading things like what marbo wrote.
    so no need to get nasty.
    took me a second to get that, i might have to steal this one.
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    TekSupport reacted to Marbo in PC Humming   
    Why is my computer humming? 
    Because it hasn't been programmed with the words. 
    Sorry, I'll get my coat. 
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    TekSupport reacted to The_Geek in New PC Build Issues....   
    Try the GPU in a different slot with everything remaining the same first.
    Make sure that the CPU cooler is not put on too tight.
    There are apps from the M.2 drive manufacturers, try to use one and see what temps and state your NvMe's are.
    I think a 250 GB drive for OS is too small, the OS itself takes about 50 GB, and then there are all these applications.
    Also, have you installed the games to the C drive or the D Drive?
    If C drive, then you may be running out of space, as the game progress may be eating up the 250 GB drive.
    Some of the things that come to mind initially....
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    TekSupport got a reaction from Bombastinator in New PC Build Issues....   
    I just realised my mistake,  m.2 sometimes has shared bandwidth with sata connectors not pci slots.
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    TekSupport got a reaction from PyroTheWise in New PC turn on when plugged is turn on   
    No, what pyro is referring to the the cable that connects the power button on the front of your computer to the motherboard.
    usually when the button is pressed the circuit is complete, but when the pins are shorted , the circuit is always complete therefore turning on as long as it has power.
    it has nothing to do with computer working fine, it has to do with turning on the pc.
    This is what he is referring to.
    Check your motherboard manual and make sure the connectors are in the right place.
    to test if the connector is the issue, dont connect the connector to the pins and plug the power cable in the back and see if that turns on.
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    TekSupport got a reaction from PharmDGator in New PC Build Issues....   
    also what slot is your m.2 drive connected to ( is it the one near the pci slot for your graphics cards), check your motherboard manual and make sure its not in a slot that is sharing resources with your Graphics card.
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    TekSupport got a reaction from vanished in Lebanon plans to charge for WhatsApp calls   
    They scrapped the plans hours later amid clashes between security forces and protester.
  22. Agree
    TekSupport reacted to mtz_federico in Can't configure router to work as access point.   
    Do the setup and then change the settings
  23. Agree
    TekSupport got a reaction from LukeSavenije in Upgrading SSD   
    Yes i agree, make sure to take precautions. 
    e.g. Extracting windows product key and backing up your data.
  24. Informative
    TekSupport got a reaction from HanZie82 in I cleaned my pc with a vacuum cleaner and I clearly regret it   
    First I would do what others have suggested which is reseat the components, RAM, GPU, maybe even CPU Depending on Specs.
    Also it would be helpful if you Post the Specs of your PC.
    Also can you clarify a few things so that people here are not making assumptions.
    1. Does the PC fully boot without any beeps and doesn't continuously restart.
    2. Are you currently using a Dedicated GPU (Graphics Card) or integrated Graphics (e.g. Intel HD Graphics 630 or AMD) 
    3. Does you monitor power up (have the LED lights on, or test your monitor with a different device or vice versa).
    Then try the following:
    1. Connect the monitor to a different device or connect your PC to a different monitor/TV.
    2. Try a different cable to connect to the monitor.
    3. If you are using Dedicated Graphics then try connecting to you integrated graphics if thats possible. (Not all CPU's have integrated Graphics)
  25. Informative
    TekSupport got a reaction from bigneo in Oracle to start licensing Java for commercial use   
    Just to be clear, developers and customers and businesses will only need to buy licences if they would like to keep receiving updates when using Oracle Java SE 8 after Jan 2019.
    This does not stop you using whatever version is released before Jan 2019.
    I suggest all read the release notice on the Oracle's Website, to avoid misunderstanding.