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  1. Specs: Macbook Air 2017 CPU:I5-5350U Ram: 8GB Storage: 128GB Looking for what i can run to diagnose the issue. I have completed a fresh install of Mac OS and updated to 11.4 Big Sur. I have run Apple Diagnostics to check the hardware. I have run Memtest86 and have come up with 0 errors. However i have noticed that in cpu temps in the summary of memtest86 it shows min/max/ave being : 56C/102C/81C. I am not too familiar with Mac's but this is as far as i have got with tests i have run. The issue that occurs the most is the excel not
  2. Well ran a quick test and it allows connection to a WPA2-EAP network and then broadcasts WPA2-PSK network. Will have to wait till i can get this installed in the customers' site and make sure they are ok with it, beforehand. Thanks all for the help.
  3. Currently the only device i have found which may be able to do this for me is the GL.iNET GL-AR300M, which I have ordered and see if it actually does, if not i will give your suggestion a go, Thanks for the help. The Wireless repeater, GL.iNET GL-AR300M runs on openWRT so I'm hoping this should do the trick as it should support WPA2-EAP. Also speed and latency isn't a huge concern as the information being communicated is not data intensive and usually runs on a IOT sim card using about of 10MB a month. Thanks.
  4. We have a IOT telemetry Device that we usually setup with a 4g board but because in this customer site the mobile signal is non existent, and without setting up a external antenna system which will set us down at least £1000, we replaced this with a wifi board however this does not support WPA2-EAP so the manufacture of the IOT device suggested we use a Wifi Repeater to work as a middle man. (we have a group of 4 of these devices in one area and trying to look for a cost effective solution). We have access and credentials for the WPA2-EAP, also the credentials we were given are for
  5. I'm trying to get a wifi repeater that connects to a WPA2-EAP network then transmits a new SSID with WPA2-Personal. After speaking to someone at netgear they said that the NetGear EX6120 would support it, but it doesn't. It does retransmit a new SSID but isn't compatible with WPA2-EAP. Ideally if this is something that is compact.
  6. Since there is no feedback, not even the PSU fan running, then the first thing that comes to mind is the front panel connectors. I would remove them, then plug them back in and double check that they are in the right position. (check the motherboard manual.)
  7. Just looked a little closer at the picture, the power supply looks like a 5+ year old power supply, I haven't seen that 4 pin peripheral in years, (used to be used for CD and IDE HDD) although this will work with hardware that is of similar age but may not to newer hardware. Or you got a DOA motherboard, Regardless i would get a 80+ bronze power supply at least. I would get a second opinion on this.
  8. try rotating the power switch connector on the bottom of the motherboard, so the word power switch is facing downwards.
  9. how have you tested power supply, on another pc?
  10. unplug everything except the cpu power connected and the 24 pin connector and 4 pin cpu fan connector Then try again
  11. Does the power supply fan come on? Does the cpu cooler fan come on? Have you tested the Power supply?
  12. please include full specs regardless of whether you think its irrelevant, also describe the issue more. Read this. CPU: Motherboard: Ram: GPU: PSU: Storage: Operating system: Other: How have you got the monitor setup, is it connected to your gpu or motherboard (cpu). preferably Include a picture of your motherboard connected, making sure to include ones that show all the power connection on your motherboard. People can't help you if you dont include all necessary information.
  13. Budget (including currency): Up to £1500 Country: United Kingdom Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Excel Spreadsheet work (Lots of data, lots of formulas) Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Currently on a i7 8700 with 8GB of Ram, 256 GB SSD. Using Office for Business 2019. Currently Im stumped if a upgrade will even help, nothing seems to be maxing out, ram runs at 60-70%, CPU running at 30% ish.
  14. I spoke to their support for about an hour in which first they said it was compatible then after trying a few things, then speaking to their superior, it wasn't on their supported list of CPU's. I want to rule out the possibility of the power supply being the issue, also if there is a non hp bios I could use.
  15. PC Specs, HP Prodesk 400 G6 SFF CPU: Intel Core i3 9100 Ram 8GB DDR4 Storage: 258GB M.2 SSD Power Supply:180W Trying to upgrade to i7 9700K, Updated BIOS both through the BIOS menu (gives option for network bios update, gets it straight from HP's Servers) (ver 02.07.01) Using HP's support assistant, Updated the chipset files from the HP website. (don't think its the correct chipset files i need) When the i7 9700k is installed the pc beeps 3 long beeps then 4 short beeps. No boot screen, continues like this until i power it off.
  16. I guess i didnt word that correctly, what I meant is that they are not compatible with other countries apps, that way it can work cross country. and of course in an ideal world/ in theory the data shouldn't be able to identify you. Also Google is releasing something similar at the end of the month, and i reckon it will be compatible with the apple one with it being named the same, however the google one is gonna be optional app to download i believe. And the android system runs on pretty much the rest of the devices on the graph.
  17. Apple has begun letting its iPhones carry out contact-tracing without the need for users to download an official Covid-19 app. iPhone Users are being invited to opt in to a scheme called Exposure Notifications Express (ENE). Summary Apple has introduced a built in feature that allows users to opt-in to contact tracing, where the data is collected via bluetooth and kept for 14 days and will notify you if you have been in contact with someone who has been tested positive. Until officials decide whether to support this it will now recommend downloading local contact tracing ap
  18. If you have to have windows 10 and don't have any data on the pc currently that you want to keep, then i would create a windows 10 usb using the microsoft provided tool. Only do this if you have another pc to do any other troubleshooting if the issue is hardware.
  19. you mentioned checking the 24 pin connector but not the 4 pin connector that connects to the motherboard on the top left of the cpu. Make sure to connect it the right way and hear a click when you do. This is the connector for powering the cpu. Your cpu fan and led's get powered from the motherboard through the 24 pin connector so even though your fan is running doesnt mean your cpu is working.
  20. I was not referring to this app, but more generally where there have been articles of different government bodies forcing app to make their app visible in some way, as its illegal to track someone without their knowledge or consent. In the op's case it could be in the grey area since its a device he owns, but that would depend on his local laws. I would recommend you look into your local laws on this, to prevent any possible issues.
  21. Any Legit Tracking software has to have either a notification or an icon indicating that its being tracked.
  22. The fact that the device is showing in device manager, makes me think that its a settings issue, so i would try that before updating bios. First I would check your sound settings as suggested by frozensun , Go to start menu search bar and type in change system sounds and select it the tab playback, then right click all the different audio devices and click "test". Once you get sound in your headphones(or the audio device your using) set that that one to "Default device" and "Default communication Device". -With motherboard drivers, the simplest way is to use the cd
  23. Edit- Note- your Dxdiag report shows that cortana is crashing maybe worth looking into that First I would Test/stress test the main components on the pc. RAM, CPU, GPU, Storage. RAM - memtest86. CPU - Prime95, (make sure to select just stress testing when you launch) either stress test for 12-24 hours or for a short one if you use torture test 5 for 30 mins will give you a good idea. GPU - https://benchmark.unigine.com/valley or furmark. Storage - Crystal Disk Mark. If these all come back fine, I would backup all the important data and fully reinsta
  24. A picture of the inside of the computer would be helpful in crossing off things that can be wrong with the cabling/ anything that is missing if any. Also I would read this, and follow the steps depending on the issue your having, if they dont work/dont help we can at least avoid repeating what we know you have tried.
  25. Can you link the Fans you bought from ali express, (There are quite a few scammers on there, selling non-existent products or faulty products) Sounds to me the fans are the issue, I would put back the original 2 fans that were still working and testing the GPU on load and see if the temperature go too high. If they don't, then i don't see why you need to change all fans when only one is faulty.