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    userzero got a reaction from kirashi in Create bridge to apartment complex community wifi   
    I'd be inclined to agree with ^ just because other people will cane it and you have multiple devices etc.
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    userzero reacted to naokuronao in Sata ssd to m.2 ssd, should I clone or fresh install?   
    I just cloned it and it seems to be working fine! Thank you!
    I did use Acronis for my cloning too.
  3. Agree
    userzero got a reaction from Trik'Stari in Lenovo launches Thinkpad X1 Extreme with Up To 6 Core i7 and Up To 64GB RAM and GTX 1050Ti starting at $2079 USD   
    I don't understand why they make this spec and dump a 1050ti in it 
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    userzero got a reaction from grss1982 in Should I hold off my CPU purchase?   
    Why are you upgrading? What is it struggling with? Asking because I see so much of this unnecessary upgrading just to say you have the latest stuff, which if is the case, I find pretty pathetic.
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    userzero reacted to SaladFingers in Unbending GPU advice   
    Inbefore "I broke my GPU trying to unbend it, am I screwed?"
  6. Informative
    userzero reacted to Sauron in Random "critical process died"?   
    Unfortunately that's the most generic error possible, it just means the pc was improperly shut off (which you did when you rebooted it after the bluescreen).
    It could be a problem with your drives, but it could also be your graphics driver; try reinstalling it or rolling it back to a previous version. If your drives seem fine and messing with your graphics driver does nothing, we can try troubleshooting your hardware one part at a time.
    Try to establish whether it only happens with GTA or not and if you had any other programs open that might have caused a problem.
  7. Informative
    userzero reacted to GER_T4IGA in Unbending GPU advice   
    never intentionally bend PCBs. Period. 
    Flexion based damage is what has killed the touch ICs in almost all recent iphones (if touch randomly died)
    IF you bend a PCB you basically stretch the surface but on the surface of it there is the GPU core and memory attached with thoussands upon thousands of solder balls.

    for reference
    If you stretch the PCB, elongate and contract it, what do these want to do? 
    correct, JUMP RIGHT OF THE BOARD AND RUIN YOU DAY. Do not do it. 
    This is my last reply.
    If you want to simulate this: Take multiple sheets of paper, bend it and see how the inner side of the stretch appears longer because it covers less distance. That sheet of paper is your GPU core that really wants to stay attached to the PCB.
  8. Funny
    userzero reacted to GER_T4IGA in Is there any way to fix this ?   
    What display cable are you using?
    Try unpluggin and replugging it.
    Try a different input on your monitor
    This makes no sense regarding this issue. You did what? Did you actually do what it says there, removed your CPU from the socket and restarted your PC?
  9. Funny
    userzero reacted to Snotrap in RAM Compatability Help!   
    You sure?
    You don't really fill me with confidence saying "if it run, then it is compatible."
    I am seeking a simple answer that doesn't contradict itself.
    I am only asking so that if I do purchase it, it isn't a waste of money an it works as it should.
  10. Agree
    userzero reacted to karsnoordhuis in How should you bring a you(still in box) to a plane   
    if you can, bring it on the plane. less risk of it getting stolen from your bag.
  11. Funny
    userzero reacted to AngryBeaver in fornite in 4k   
    This just makes me sad at how popular fortnite has become.

  12. Informative
    userzero reacted to Zando Bob in fornite in 4k   
    Intensive titles do, but fortnite is defo not intensive. 
  13. Funny
    userzero reacted to karsnoordhuis in how do you update your bios?   
    you might want to extract it onto the drive
  14. Informative
    userzero reacted to GoodBytes in U guys ever seen a green bsod?   
    Green BSODs is normally, I said, normally, reserved for BSODs that occurs for Insider builds of Windows. However, it looks nice and readable. Yours isn't.
    To me, either:
    You used a system tweak to change the color, and so the font isn't adapted for it Your GPU memory is faulty
  15. Agree
    userzero got a reaction from VK707 in SSD Diagnostic Software   
    Quick check to see if there are immediate problems - CrystalDisk Info
    Long check - https://www.lifewire.com/free-hard-drive-testing-programs-2626183
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    userzero got a reaction from Mvard in SSD Diagnostic Software   
    Quick check to see if there are immediate problems - CrystalDisk Info
    Long check - https://www.lifewire.com/free-hard-drive-testing-programs-2626183
  17. Funny
    userzero reacted to VK707 in SSD Diagnostic Software   
    Crystal Disk Info is a pretty good and free tool to check Health / Status of any HDD or SSD
    Edit: Damnit a second too late
  18. Agree
    userzero reacted to Spotty in U guys ever seen a green bsod?   
    Looks like a display crash has caused the incorrect colours and probably also the BSOD.
  19. Funny
    userzero got a reaction from Silver47 in LOSING MY MIND WITH i7-2600   
    Yeah we've got past that cheers.
  20. Agree
    userzero reacted to Suika in Which will be the best GPU for my i7 3770.   
    It depends on the title, but it'd probably choke higher end cards in more single threaded or frequency favoring games. I remember testing Haswell down to 3GHz and it'd choke a 980 Ti at 1440p, I'd imagine it's worse at 1080p.
    The 3770 at 3.9GHz turbo (well, less if you use more than a single thread) would change that tune a bit, but Haswell did have a bit of an IPC lead over Ivy Bridge.
    Honestly I'd say go GTX 1070, if you're playing at higher resolutions, may as well go 1080 or 1080 Ti.
  21. Agree
    userzero reacted to JoostinOnline in Which will be the best GPU for my i7 3770.   
    That's definitely not true. Even a 2700k would pair okay with a 1080 Ti.
  22. Agree
    userzero reacted to i_build_nanosuits in Which will be the best GPU for my i7 3770.   
    You, you have other issue(s) with your system(s) i told you already many times and proved to you with some gaming footage captured on my PC etc.
    Please stop spreading this missinformation around here day in and day out, thanks!
    exactly, i have a 4770 and no issues maxing out GTX 1080 at high refresh rate CPU isnt even close from being an issue...3770 is plenty for modern gaming so long as you give it good graphics.
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    userzero got a reaction from i_build_nanosuits in Which will be the best GPU for my i7 3770.   
    Look if any of you are struggling driving these frames with a 3880 and say a 1070, your PC build has an issue other than the CPU or GPU!
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    userzero got a reaction from Seandwil1 in New PC Build Stuck on Reboot Cycle   
    Could be a bad board. Could need a BIOS update. Hope the new one solves all!
  25. Agree
    userzero got a reaction from Arika S in A year away from my desktop   
    Unplug everything externally and just cover it over. Keep it up off the floor.