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  1. What I use this tool from Lenovo? Since my laptop is Lenovo Ideapad 310 14IKB or is this just for my files
  2. This is the SSD that I have where I would transfer my OS on my Laptop.
  3. Hi I just want to ask how to migrate or transfer my OS on an SSD? cause I want to transfer my OS on my 512gb SSD and I'm affraid of losing my files can you guys help me????
  4. But I'm thinking of bringing it on their service center once the lockdown is finished
  5. Well I'm from Philippines so that would be a tricky one.
  6. That could work but it would be hard to get one because of the lockdown
  7. I've been fixing it since yesterday and still the same
  8. Hi guys I need some help because yesterday I decided to clean my laptop because of the dust then when I finished cleaning I reassembled my laptop but I didn't notice that the ribbon cable of my laptop keyboard got slightly jammed on the cooling fan so I immediately fixed it but after I fixed it some of the keys aren't registering what should I do?? Here's a picture of the keys that are registering
  9. Hi guys I just want to ask how can I turn off my conservation mode 'cause I forgot to turn it off before performing a hard reset on my laptop earlier please Help me ??? ???
  10. What I mean is that I want to sort my files properly like for example if I have a Document file and it's file name is Louis.215.JavaSourceCode by using a software that will grab it and send it to the designated folder with the name Louis.215
  11. Hi I just want to ask if any of you guys know any apps or software for PC that can Automatically sort files with an organized name to designated folders?
  12. For example if I use XAMPP can it handle the site running all the time??
  13. A Local Website for our department only
  14. So someone I know wants to launch a Local Website for our department that we can easily access and she want's to know what she needs to do and what is the minimum requirement for launching it. Thanks in advance for the help.