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  1. Just did Timespy in Balanced my GPU Score is 20942 10700k MSI Ace z490 MSI Gaming X Trio 3090
  2. I'm not sure what version of MSI Afterburner you are running. But when I downloaded the beta version of Afterburner it showed voltage on my 3090
  3. Cool!. I just installed my 3090 i love it!
  4. Can you hold off till 3080s become available? I wouldn’t pay 1800 for a 2080ti
  5. Yes it has the AIO on the CPU, from what I remember the temps were fine when the reboots were happening. I need to order a DVI to hdmi cable as I don’t have DVI monitor anymore.
  6. I have a old Alienware from 2009 that I haven’t turned on in years it has a I7 960 and a ATI 5970. I’ve been bored and wanted to see if I can get this thing running again. The Problem it had was the computer would turn on and after a couple minutes of loading windows the Computer would just restart. I’m not sure if the GPU is failing or Any other part but I know the PSU is garbage so I figured i would start there. Any recommendations on a cheaper PSU? Thanks!
  7. Folding only uses 87-89% of my 1080TI no matter what I do.